TDS Deltoid & Shoulder Machine

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TDS Deltoid & Shoulder Machine

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    TDS Fitness
    Category: Home Gyms

    TDS Deltoid & Shoulder Machine
    Independent Arm Movement
    High Quality Pillow Block Bearings at Pivot Point
    Shoulder Press has Four Different Hand Grips for Wide Range of Motion
    Thick Contour Seat
    Plate holders are designed for both Oly & Std plates
    Rear Extra "U" frame to support Heavy weights 
    34"W X 42.5"D X 48"H - 145 lbs.
    TDS Deltoid & Shoulder Machine
    How it will help your shoulders working out with the TDS Deltoid & Shoulder Machine?
    There is something undeniably powerful about having big, muscular shoulders. This Deltoid & Shoulder machine contributes to the Coveted V-shape physique, adds shape and definition to the outside of the upper arm and is a sure sign of immense pushing power. Strong shoulders will augment your other pressing lifts, and allow you to appear in-shape - in and out of clothes.
    With an understanding that the shoulder joint is comprised of an interesting muscle group that produces a vast array of movements, exercises must affect each major movement. In order to effectively target the muscles in this joint you should include the Deltoid & Shoulder machine from TDS in your workouts.
    The main shoulder joint muscles include the front, rear and medial deltoid muscles. In addition to performing several movements, this muscle group helps to assist your rotator cuff muscles in stabilizing your shoulder joint. Many movements performed by your chest and back are also be assisted by shoulder muscles. Many ignore the rear deltoid and experience shoulder (usually rotator cuff) injury as a result of an imbalance of strength in the shoulder.
    What are the advantages of using the Deltoid and Shoulder machine? The Deltoid & Shoulder machine is important to improving your sports performance and reducing the risks of shoulder injury. Stronger shoulder muscles will help to give you a competitive advantage in sports like Football, Soccer, Wrestling, Baseball, etc. It assists you in increasing shoulder width and acquiring the often-desired V-shaped body. By purchasing the Deltoid & Shoulder machine, you can effectively build and strengthen your shoulders at home.
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