VTX 230lb Bumper Crossfit Package

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VTX 230lb Bumper Crossfit Package

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    Troy Barbell
    Categories: Combo Sets,CrossFit,Bumper Weight Plates

    (FREE SHIPPING)-VTX 230lb Bumper Crossfit Package.
    Set Includes:
    VTX Color Bumper Plate 2-45lb Red, 2-35lb Blue, 2-25lb Yellow, 2-10lb Green:
    Product Description: Our VTX Colored, Solid Rubber Bumper plate with solid steel insert is a high quality, branded bumper plate, engineered to our demanding standards. It routinely outperforms other, more expensive models of its kind, making it the perfect value solution for gym and institutional use. We are so confident in its structural soundness, we offer a 1 year warranty against breakage.
    1-VTX Men's Training Bar:
    Product Description: Our new VTX men’s training barbell is the strongest, most versatile bar we have ever manufactured. The bar has tested out at over 270,000 P.S.I. Its 28.5mm shaft features a precision patterned knurl with dual marks for both Olympic and powerlifting. Bronze, self lubricating bushings give it great spin while double snap rings safely secure each end to the bar. Extra long sleeves (over 16”) permit maximum loading capacity for the heaviest lifts.
    Bar Length: 7ft 1 in
    Knurling - medium
    Sleeve Attached - Double Snap Ring
    Center Knurling - No
    Shaft Diameter - 28.5 mm
    Shaft Finish - Oxidized
    Sleeve Finish - Hard Chrome
    Markings: Dual markings (Olympic and power lifting)
    Bushings - self lubricating double bushings
    Inside collar to collar length: 51.75 in
    1-VTX Bumper Plate Rack:
    Product Description: This VTX rack has eight individual slots that can hold a 45lb plate in each section, a handle that incorporates 2ea weight horns for 2.5lb and 5lb add on plates. 
    Maximum Static Weight is 650lbs, 
    Maximum Portable Weight 350lbs 
    Product/Shipping Weight: L 50.71" x W 13.88" x H 22.84" / 31 lbs 
    1 Pair of 2” Muscle Clamp Collar:
    Product Description: Made from hard plastic, our quality Collar clamps on to all 2” bars with ease to hold plates on bars. 

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