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Body Solid 350lb Olympic Bumper Plate Set

Model:  OBP-Color-350

Body Solid 350lb Olympic Bumper Plate Set


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(FREE SHIPPING)-Body Solid 350lb Olympic Bumper Plate Set
Will not break when dropped, helps protect the floor. Each bumper plate is fitted with a metal sleeve for proper fit and easy sliding.. Use with Olympic size bars only.

Solid, high quality, resilient rubber (no crumb rubber used)
White numbers markings
Processed with 30 years rubber experience to be the best in quality, service and value
Molds are chrome plated to assure a pristine, consistent and repeatable finish
Brass inserts are 3mm thick, which is about three times the industry standard to provide strength and longevity of service
Rubber compound has been chemically refined to provide the best product with consistent properties
All are 17.7" diameter All sizes in black, or colored versions for 10, 25, 35, 45 lbs.
The thicknesses of the plates are 10 lb.- 1", 15 lb.- 1½", 25 lb.- 1¾", 35 lb.- 2½", 45 lb.- 3¼".

350lb Set
(4) 45 lb. plates
(2) 35 lb. plates
(2) 25 lb. plates
(2) 15 lb. plates 
(2) 10 lb. plates