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Motion Transfer Cable Attachment 5.0
Model:  MTCA 5.0

Motion Transfer Cable Attachment 5.0

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You want the biggest size gains possible, right? A growth spurt after every workout? Then you've got to realize that just cranking out reps isn't nearly enough; you've got to feel the target muscle firing. A lack of feel, or inervation, is the very reason that so many bodybuilders have trouble building gnarly back width & thickness-those muscles are hard to get a handle on during pulling exercises. But getting a better handle on those muscles is just a matter of getting a better handle, as in the superior cable attachment known as the Motion Transfer Cable Attachment 5.0 which will enable you to generate more force with your lats & midback muscles, (not to mention other body parts). Each handgrip has a patented four-point swivel-and-rotation action. This means as you pull, your hands can move, twist & adjust while in motion-they're not locked in a position that may inhibit target-muscle activation and/or tweak tendons and joints. Swiveling handgrip construction is only one of the big benefits of this Ultimate Cable Bar. It's also adjustable. The ingenious bar-inside-bar design & locking pins allow you to adjust the bar to three different widths.
This means one bar will perform better than a whloe load of pulldown bars, from parallel wide grip handles to straight bars to narrow grip handles. The three point grip option is a real plus for home gyms and commercial gyms alike that need the most functionality possible from every piece of equipment.
Along with the swivel handles, the bar is arced which enables you to pull down and/or back further for a better lat contraction. The MTCA 5.0 is much more than just a back blaster though. The swivel handles and adjustability make it a unique, one of a kind cable attachment for doing a variety of pushdowns, extensions as well as upright rows, biceps curls, reverse curls, front raises, shrugs and various other forearm exercises all either narrow, medium or wide grip. So get a better handle on blasting your back as well as a lot of other bodyparts...hook up with the Motion Transfer Cable Attachment. It will set your hypertrophy into hyper motion.

Product Details: Produced from high grade steel. Baked/fused on powder coating, extremely scratch and ding resistant. Money back gaurantee.

Customer Feedback:  "an amazing piece of equipment, I can now perform all rowing movements to complete extension and contraction in a pain free manner."
"with the extraordinary ability of this cable attachment that allows you to supinate, pronate or rotate at any point of the exercise along with the width adjustment capability of the bar, quite simply takes your workout to a whole new, advanced and productive level.

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