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Health Mark Swiss Chair

Model:  HM-SwissChair

Health Mark Swiss Chair


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Health Mark Swiss Chair
Provide some stability to your ‘Stability Ball’! While exercising, the Swiss Chair cradle wheels lock in place in order to allow for a safe and effective whole body workout. And when you’re fit enough, remove the Ball from its cradle to increase your exercise difficulty for a truly advanced workout. The Health Mark Swiss Chair with its specially designed cradle, can also be used at the office or at home to promote a healthy ergonomic seated posture while relieving acute lower back pain and strengthening your core muscle group. From office chair to exercise bench to core ball, the Swiss Chair does it all.
As a Chair to Promote Correct Ergonomic Posture and Tighten Core Muscles
As a Chair to Help Alleviate Acute Lower Back Pain
As a Stabilized Exercise Bench for Seated and Lying Weight Lifting Movements. When Used in This Manner, the Ball Helps to Prevent Spinal Compression While Weights are Lifted Laterally or Over Head
As a Stabilized Core Ball for Safely Performing Core and Flexibility Exercises
Advanced Push-Up
Abdominal Crunch
Downward Back Extension
Upward back Extension
Superman Poses
Seated Single leg Hip Stretch
Seated Single Leg Hip Stretch w/ Forward Bend
Seated Side Bend
Seated Torso Twist
Promotes Ergonomically Correct Posture
Strengthens Core Muscles
Helps Relieve Back, Shoulder and Neck Pressure
Locking Wheels for Safe Total Body Workout, Stretching and Balance Training
Ball can be Removed from Cradle for Advanced Training
50 cm Anti-burst Ball with Pump
250 lb. Weight Capacity
Set-Up Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 23
Net Weight: 8 lbs.
Great for working behind a desk.