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Very happy with plates

Very happy with these plates, I was worried about the quality since there wasn't any reviews anywhere I could find. The plates are of very good quality, easy to grip, great coating but they do have that rubber smell you get like the body solid plates but not too bad. The only caveat I will make note on these plates are there isn't a steel insert for ease of loading and unloading the plates, that may bother some people but for my Powertec multi bench they work great because they don't slide around like my irons want to. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again.

Nathan P
from Florida, USA

Tony at The Bench was very helpful

I received my new BodyCraft X2 Gym System last week and assembled it over the holiday weekend. This gym is built like a tank! It is well designed and well thought out also. Even though I am a beginner, I can tell already that the X2 has everything I will need to get into shape. Tony at The Bench was also very helpful through the entire ordering process and keeping me updated of the status of my order.

Willie G
from Arizona

Letter of Recommendation

I want to share with everyone the fantastic experience I had purchasing gym equipment from Tony Spoto at "The Bench Press." Tony is a real professional with exceptional integrity and great knowledge in the business. I am 36 years old, married and have children ages 7, 5, 4, and 2. My wife and I enjoy exercising but due to professional and personal life conflicts, our time in the gym has suffered. As I continued to try to find the time to get to the gym, I realized that the simple task of getting out of the house, driving to and from the gym, and then getting in and out of the gym takes a minimum of 40 minutes of time each day...and that does not even include the exercising. I could almost get an entire workout in during this 40 minutes of lost time. The answer for me was a home gym, but who can afford that?! So, I did some homework and found Tony on line. Every day for the past six months I have been glad that I did. I am very picky about my workout routine. I wanted equipment that was affordable and would allow me to do everything at home that I could do in the gym. I did not want to still have to go to the gym to work a couple of body parts that I could not do at home. Tony asked me what I wanted to do and he found a way to fit my budget. Tony put me on to Body Solid and I ended up purchasing the Series 7 Smith Gym System, the Vertical Knee Raise/Pull Up Apparatus, Olympic bar with weight, and some small accessory items. Tony went over my workout with me and made sure that I had the right tools and he gave me a great deal on the package! Being picky, I wanted to do more than was advertised by the Series 7 gym. I was pleased by how versatile the Body-Solid Series 7 gym is. Tony and I discussed how I could get creative with my workouts. I am able effectively perform Individual Leg Curls from the lower cable as well as full range of motion individual rear deltoids. My wife and I both really like the Smith Machine as well as the option to use the Olympic Tony said we would. I was not able to try out the Series 7 Smith Gym before I bought it. I delayed the process for a very long time trying to find one locally to sample. In the end, I trusted Tony after he answered my many, many questions. Tony was patient and very responsive. Also, he is personable and not "salesy." Tony assured me that when I was ready to make the decision, just let him know. I trust Tony and will buy from him again. The pulley system and Smith bars are very smooth and I am very pleased that the cable configuration does not result in the weight feeling lighter than it should. Again, Tony assured me in advance of these aspects...and he was right. One other thing that Tony did (which proved to me that he was the real deal) was refer me to the manufacturer to discuss warranty and service. I took him up on the offer and contacted the manufacturer. Not only is Body Solid a professional outfit, but all of the reps knew Tony by name. They obviously work very closely with him and trust him to sell their product. In the end, payment and delivery was quick and easy...and have I mentioned yet that Tony gave me a great deal?! Although I knew that I was going to write this letter of recommendation from the beginning, I wanted to give it a period of time so that I knew that I was recommending a good product. This product is great. Tony blew away his competition on cost and service. I have no problem recommending Tony and Body Solid. If there are any questions about Tony or this product, I am happy to serve as a source to answer those questions. Tony, keep up the good work -- you are helping people every day!

Gary C.

I'm very pleased....

I just bought one of the TDS lat row machine w/250lb stack machines from and i am very pleased with it . I, m 70 years old and i use it every day.

Thomas S.

One word - Perfect!

It was exactly the size I needed for the number of kettle bells I have and fits perfectly into the space I had planned for it. Solid quality and quick assembly Thanx Tony.

Lawrence L.

Thank you very much Tony Great service.

I just received my Powertec Multi Press and it is great. Very easy to adjust the bench and weights for different exercises. Thank you very much Tony Great service.

Paul H

Great price, good quality, and good service!!

Purchased this All American Pro Power Bench about 18 months ago. As good as any out there, including Forza. Great price, good quality, and good service!! Thanx a lot!

Eric L.

Thank you for the wonderful deal!

To Tony thank you for the wonderful deal on the Body Solid fitness equipment you sold us we have it all set up my wife and I love it and we will definitely be buying more from you. Thank you.

Bobby S.

Good person great prices real old-fashioned customer service

This is my letter to anybody looking to furnish a gym with new equipment do yourself a favor call Tony at he is a miracle worker he saved me over $4,000 we love our new equipment as we expand our business we will only be dealing with Tony good person great prices real old-fashioned customer service thank you Tony it has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you.

Jorge M.

saved me a whole lot of money thank you Tony

I just received my pre owned treadmill and elliptical that I bought from TheBenchPress I must admit I was nervous to see the equipment but once I got it I was extremely happy it was everything that Tony says it was going to be but better both treadmill and elliptical looks like new they run perfect and he saved me a whole lot of money thank you Tony for being a man of your word. Thank you very much,

Jack P.

100% Satisfied

Where do I start? Professionalism, knowledge, experience, customer service, character. Tony Spoto has gone above and beyond every time I've reached out to him. Not average or basic but 5 star in all categories. I HIGHLY recommend Great recommendations and suggestions on my studio! All my clients enjoy the equipment. I'm truly a raving fan! Thank you Tony

Terrance Saunders
from KS, US

Complete Gym Set-up Tony made it happen

I opened my first gym last year. I talked to a number of sales people at various companies but felt the most comfortable with Tony. He took a lot of time with me figuring out what I needed to open my gym. Not only did he have the best price but had his own gym and knew what I needed to buy new and what I could use pre-owned. I furnished the entire gym thru Tony he set up shipping and set-up of equipment and helped find financing. I gave him the size of my space and my budget he did the rest. I still call him with questions and he always takes the time to help.

Steve wright AK Fitness
from New Jersey

Tony's a stand up guy who will take great care of you.

I've purchased several pieces of gym equipment from Tony and he's always treated me right. Definitely would recommend anyone looking for equipment to give him a shot, you wont be disappointed.

Mike Alley
from Wyoming, USA

Thank you Tony

Tony is nice person to have in friends list. Very helpful, has good knowledge on what he does.

from KA, USA

Tony is the man!

Been doing business with Tony for years. Always takes care of me. Best service you could ever ask for.

Jim Bray
from Texas, USA

Great Set.

Tony did an amazing job helping me with my gym equipment purchase. He really went over and above my expectations. Offered me many options to choose from. Wasn't pushy at all and offered honest opinions on various equipment. Look no further for your fitness equipment needs. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommended!

from New York, USA

Wilder Equipment

Tony hooked it up with custom Weider Leg press, Inverted Leg press, and new benches. All custom colors and with my logo on all the equipment. If you are looking to upgrade your facility, this is the way to go.

Tony Ace
from Maryland,

Great Success !!

Being in the strength and conditioning world in the University setting, I've worked with numerous Gym and Weight Room equipment reps. 7 years ago I needed lat pull downs and was on a budget. I randomly searched and "" was where i had a couple choices pop up. So i called..... After my first conversation with Tony, he was determined to make it work. I ended up getting my Lat pulls, they were exactly what i needed, and was able to get more than I originally hoped. I got a great price, great service, and excellent customer service. A couple years later, he was the first person i called when i needed some Glute Ham (Roman Chairs). Within 2 minutes, Tony remembered my order and who i was. We got what i needed, and faster than i hoped. Fast forward to this January, I'm with a company that took over another gym that's renovation needed to POP when it was done. Well I know roughly what bars, weight, racks, etc cost, but not exactly. I knew what i wanted, realistically but of course i had a wish list. There were vendors that were "Suggested" that i get in contact with to get what was needed for the renovation. I did, but with my history with Tony, i gave him a call at for bars and the bumper plates that I THOUGHT that i needed to get. What i ended up getting was my wish list bumpers. They were from a different company that works with. What I ended up getting was perfect. not the run of the mill Black color bumpers that i thought i was going to get at the economy price, but the bumpers in color AND in pounds, not Metric..... the ones i wanted! (our company works with hundreds of kids). Now we can just yell "Hey, put on a yellow and a 5..." easy-peasy for coaching kids. Well a week before we were to open, one of the items i was to get wasn't going to happen. they didn't have it in stock, and couldn't ship. To say the least, i was in a bad spot. there was no way i was going to be able to place an order with a new company, with a new product and to be delivered w/in a respectable amount of time. I was checking on all my deliveries to make sure that we could staff appropriately for unloading and putting our weight room together, (11,000 sq ft, 8 racks, etc). I called Tony to check on my bumpers and bars that i had ordered. I randomly asked him if he had any association with the "Things" that i needed that i was told i couldnt get. Guess what!!! he did, and Tony was able to make it happen. Seriously!! he was able to provide me with an alternative item from that same company that was a perfect solution to my problem. Long Long Long story short. if your putting a weight room together or need weight room equipment, call Tony FIRST and see what he can put together for you. and if he isnt able to, he will find the path for you to get it done!!! -chuck

Chuck Lobe
from Minnesota

Home Gym

I set out to build a great home gym and Tony helped me put a great list together, he was very pleasant to work with and wasn’t pushy at all. I would definitely recommend you get your gym needs here. I got flooring, a squat rack, a home gym and all the dumbbells and weights a person could need at a reasonable price. I hope I don’t need anything else but if I do I’ll contact Tony for all my needs!

Robert Gribben
from Ohio, United States

Very Happy

We recently bought a Muscle-D Fitness 85' Dual Adjustable Pulley System for our home gym. Tony provided tremendous help. He is friendly and extremely responsive. We cannot be more happy with our purchase!

from CA

Gym Equipment

I’ve known Tony for about 5 years now. This is my second time buying gym equipment from him. And I have to say there’s nobody else I would buy from but him. Not only is he a genuine person but his equipment is the best in the world. Tony has always taken care of me and has always treated me like family. Don’t get to say this much but it’s nice to know there are a few good people left in this world. Thank you Tony.

from Florida

TDS 4 Way Neck Machine

Not sure you can beat this for home use at this price. Just put it together last night and used it already. Easy to assemble and it’s nice and smooth. My son is 16 and plays running back and linebacker. His school does not have a neck machine so I just had to buy this knowing how a strong neck will help protect him from some concussions. Everyone that plays football should use one of these machines. Tony was amazing to work with....great customer service! I’ll be back. :)

from Wisconsin

Body solid treadmill

Tony is the best! Was looking for a certified preowned treadmill—the same treadmill they use at at orange theory-he offered me a good deal but also gave me another option -he suggestion that I look at the body solid endurance treadmill with a 4 hp motor, brand new with all of the features at the same price as the used freemotion treadmilI I was looking for-thats caring about your customers and trying to find the best option available! -buy from Tony and gain a friend you can trust!

Jay lafolette
from Texas

Great Service

Great customer service over the phone. I ordered some dumbbells once my gym said it was closing till further notice and I called Tony to see if my order had gone thru and he said it did and reassured me that my dumbbells were on the way and to be patient with him as everyone has been buying gym equipment so rapidly and his warehouse is super busy. Thank you guys!

Nabor G.
from Illinois, USA

Like ordering from your neighbor

I find it incredibly refreshing to speak directly to a business owner and to have them treat me like a customer that lives down the street. I live across the country form Tony, and he helped me get what I needed to try and make it past the corona-craziness of 2020. He's responsive and accommodating, and he is carrying the products that I was looking for (powerblocks dumbbells). When I work up to the expansion set or need anything else, I'm going to go out of my way to order from I've got a gym equipment guy.

L Smith
from Washington, USA

Ordering equipment

During difficult times it was a great to have someone be so responsive and helpful. Tony made sure that the order was processed and the equipment matched the need. Can’t thank him enough. Stay healthy!!!

Dan Baer
from Nj

Awesome Service!

Tony is a total pro, and the delivery of equipment during this Covid Crisis was incredible. Please support him and his company. I could not be more pleased with the quality of the equipment when received. Even received a personal return phone call from an initial concern on the order. I now have a fully furnished garage gym. If he can find it for you, totally recommend the Powerblock Elite EXP 90s. Very versatile for a home gym need during this time. Support . Great service, great products! Steve Trese

Steve Trese
from Texas, USA

Beyond Thrilled! Support this site!!!

I just wanted to sing the praises of Tony and this website. With the Coronavirus crisis shutting down everything, I wanted to order the Powerblock Elite 50 dumbbells online and found this site. Four main things brought me here: 1) The items were in stock 2) They had the Cheapest price 3) Offered FREE Delivery 4) Was able to deliver faster than Amazon! Still, I was a bit nervous, since even Amazon mentioned on their site that shipping could take longer than expected, so I assumed that the same thing would happen here, but I took a chance and boy, did they come through!! I'm very happy with the customer service and them coming through, especially at this time. During a time like this, please support this man and his website. You will NOT be disappointed! Thank you again, Tony and!!

from Massachussetts, USA

Powerline PFT 100

I have been looking for a Functional Trainer for approximately 2 months and finally viewed Tony’s website “”. This turned out to be one of the BEST decisions I could make in purchasing what I was looking to get for myself and family. Mr Spoto (Tony) as he insists, was a true gentleman. He worked with me on a payment plan and with the current health scare going on around the world and this country, worked his hardest to get me my item in an extremely timely manner. Tony runs a great business has a great business acumen and he and his sister are two people you can trust in delivering great products, at great prices I’m a timely manner.

Robert Maniaci
from New Jersey, USA

Tony Spoto

I ordered a Wilder Half Rack and a extra bench from Tony. Let me tell you, I have never had such a pleasure nailing down exactly what I needed with Tony. Tony and I must had talked 4 different times as I was not decisive as well as Tony was definitely looking out for my best interest. He actually talked me out of spending more money than I needed too. He knew I was over killing what I was looking for. He actually made the experience fun, and I knew he gave me his honest opinion. He did not go for the kill to get me to commit. He actually made several phone calls to his vendors to suit my needs. He knew, as all in sales, that he could have just sold me and moved on......but he did not. He actually risked a sale to me by requesting me to wait till he spent the time to give me the best feedback before he locked me in with my purchase. Lets just say I appreciate Tony and his true honest opinion, he genuinely had my needs come first. So it was important to me about the delievery time frame. Tony said "I will be honest with you 2-3 weeks.” 2 weeks to the day the delivery arrives unharmed. The powder coat looks great an easy to install. Most of all I don’t do these testimonies. But with Tonys making sure we got this right before I purchased and having done a kick ass job with my best interest in mind…….Its a pleasure to spread the good information. Thanks Tony! You are a kind of guy I would love to meet someday.

Dan Sisemore
from Ca

My Experience with

Wow! I am 38 yrs old and I have no better customer service experience than Tony at Wilder Fitness gave me. It started with me requesting a quote on a JV Half power rack with bench. Tony quoted me less than what they sell for. It was an accident on his part. However he still honored the initial quote! Tony didn't waste my time sending back emails. He called me and we talked through my goals and what I wanted. He is a nice down to earth gentlemen and we ended up talking away about other stuff too. I was excited about personalizing my equipment, and Tony made sure I was happy. He even told me the pictures don't do the justice. He was right! Lastly Tony told me it would take about 3 weeks for it to ship from their location they put them together. It showed up in 10 days! Tony told me it was easy to put together. I could just look at a picture and do it. He was right. Took me about an hour and was so simple. Thanks Tony for the best customer service experience! I will be a lifelong customer!

Pete Fox
from AZ, USA

PowerBlock Elite Dumbbells to the rescue

I ordered a set of PowerBlock Elite 50-pound dumbbells on 3/18/20, got my UPS shipping/tracking notification on 3/26/20, and they arrived on 4/2/20. Packages and contents arrived in good shape considering the weight. You were one of the last retailers to stock these during the rush to buy equipment as the COVID19 pandemic hit the USA and gyms closed down. Thanks for the the prompt service, fair pricing, and reasonable shipping time! Life saver!

from California, USA

shoulder press bench

tony spoto really came through with a quality bench for shoulder press. the bench i originally ordered was no longer available, so he upgraded me for a few bucks. the bench i ended up getting was probably the nicest shoulder press bench i've seen in any gym period. great customer service, and the manufacturer even put a philadelphia eagles logo on the backrest at no charge. will definitely be purchasing from bench press fitness anytime i need new equipment. 10/10 on service and product.

vishal n
from new jersey usa

Hydraulic squat machine

I only called Tony to inquire, but his kindness, genuineness, and knowledge won me over. I decided to not wait and could not be happier. The hydraulic squat machine will last forever and will infuse both a cardio and strength training workout. With limited available time, this machine provides a full body workout in minutes. It also arrived expeditiously without any delays. I plan to purchase additional machines in the future for my wife and kids. Thank you Tony.

Terry B
from Colorado

Great Experience

I purchased a powerblock set a few months ago and it was definitely money well spent. The shipping procedure was clearly explained and the package arrived timely and without issues. I love that the powerblocks are compact and take up hardly any room in my apartment and although I only ordered the 50lb set, I can definitely get a decent workout with them. I also love that I have to option to add additional weight if I need to down the line.

from Los Angeles, USA

Wonderful Products, Wonderful Service and a Great Deal

I purchased a Power Rack, Weight Plates and a Power Bar from Tony. I had a lot of questions and Tony answered every one. Tony made sure that I got exactly what I was looking and that I got it at a great price. Awesome service! Next time I am looking for gym equipment, I will be giving Tony a call.

from Texas, USA

Quick Shipping & Excellent Service

So I placed an order on June 2nd for a pair of PowerBlock Sport 24 adjustable dumbbells. I received my tracking number within 2 days of ordering. I got my package delivered in perfect condition on June 11th. I am super pleased with my shopping experience here, considering I was unable to find this set anywhere else for the past couple of months. If you are thinking of placing an order, just DO IT, you won’t regret it!

Joana Ramirez
from CA, USA

Great Experience

After weeks of shopping for gym equipment I found The BenchPress and owner Tony. Tony is the real deal. A pro. Tony was not only able to find a full rack of tough (impossible?) to find Troy rubberized plates and dumbbells, but also a customized Wilder 4-Stack and counter-weighted Smith Machine. The equipment is as advertised, commercial grade and a cinch to install. Bomber! Tony is extremely knowledgeable. He identified the gear we needed..and the stuff we didn't. Tony is very hands on and responsive. A nice guy to boot! He sent tracking numbers as soon as things shipped, then followed up to make sure everything arrived in good shape. I would recommend Tony and The BenchPress to anyone looking at weights/equipment. A great experience!

Rick S.
from CO, USA

Great Service

I ordered a Steelflex MG300 from the folks at The and I can say nothing but good things. The equipment came in a timely manner, and given the COVID back orders, I would argue it came early! Tony supported me the entire time and when I had a small glitch in the product as delivered, Tony had things fixed right away. I would recommend working with the folks at The and would order from them again. Great product, and great support. Thanks Tony!

from Ohio, USA

Outstanding Service, Care, and Support

My teenage son is passionate about, and heavily committed to, weightlifting. Prior to COVID-19, he spent a substantial amount of time in the gym at our local YMCA. When the gyms closed due to the pandemic -- as applies to so many other people as well, it significantly impacted his program. We spent multiple months and large amounts of time scouring every avenue we could source from coast-to-coast in search of free weights -- and had no luck down every avenue... until, thankfully, we connected with Tony. Not only did Tony provide an excellent solution for us (a 500-pound Olympic weight set) -- but while nearly everyone else in the country was taking advantage of the pandemic-fueled demand to grossly inflate their prices... Tony never-for-a-minute even contemplated doing that. Rather, he worked diligently to put together a package of premium new equipment for us -- and, quite notably, he also provided that equipment at a truly razor-thin margin... as his genuine focus was on getting my son well-taken-care-of and well-equipped to improve his overall workout program. It was very impressive. Indeed, Tony truly couldn't have been kinder, more considerate, or more genuinely supportive throughout the entire process from start to finish... and we'll consider ourselves lucky to be his long-term customers going forward. Thank you again for everything, Tony.

from Florida, USA

Best Customer Service

I can't say enough kind things about and Tony. I ordered extenders for my 50lb Powerblocks and they didn't fit my weights. I ordered the wrong kit and sent a message right away asking what to do. They easily could've brushed me off, or told me to return them and try again, but Tony went out of his way to help me find a new set of weights that would work for the extenders I just bought. Within days he had called me back, helped me place the order, and now they are on their way to me. Whenever I am in the market for new workout equipment, this is where I will look first! What a fantastic company. So grateful to have found this site.

Michaela Thompson
from Colorado, USA

Powerblock EXP 5-90

They handled business quickly and professionally. They also were very personable through email communications, highly recommend!

Jules Williams-Lambert
from Chicago, IL, USA

Great Customer Service and Experience!

I ordered Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells and the service was excellent. Tony kept me updated on the status and even called me personally to ensure I was kept in the loop and received everything. I was really impressed with his service and would never hesitate to order from here again. Wonderful experience!

from California, USA

Awesome Service

I received my gym a few days ago and I wanted to say a huge Thank You. It came fully assembled and I only needed to tighten the seat. You are the best. Thanks for a superior product at an awesome price.

Tony Garcia
from California

Powerblock dumbbells

I've been searching for powerblock weights since the world fell apart in 2020. I refused to pay a thousand dollars that some were asking for used weights. I finally stumbled upon and I'm so glad I did super reasonable price, shipped and received within two weeks. Will absolutely recommend this business to everyone!! Thanks so much!!

from Florida, USA

Great products great service even better prices!

Bought a Stairmaster Freeclimber 8 from Tony. His price was several hundred dollars less than any other dealer. More importantly, his crew assembled, delivered and installed it on the 2nd floor of my home. Then they walked us through the machine and showed us it was working perfectly. Give Tony and his team a chance to earn your business. He's a great guy who really knows his stuff. Everything from free weights to machines, he knows it all. I'm sure we'll be doing business together again.

Fred A.
from Parkland, FL

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