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Best Fitness Functional Trainer

Model:  BFFT10

Best Fitness Functional Trainer


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The BFFT10 brings affordable functional training to customers of all exercise levels. The BFFT10 features adjustable pulleys which swivel 180 degrees providing a wide variety of starting positions. The 190lb weight stack is challenging for most users. The no cable change design allows you to go from exercise to exercise quickly. Two adjustable nylon cable handles are included with the unit.
Smaller Functional Trainer Footprint
19 vertical pulley adjustments
Single 190lb weight stack
Integrated Straight Chinning Bar
Best Fitness In home warranty, 3 years on frame, 1 year on parts
Dimensions: 831/2” H X 55” D X 61” W
Warranty: 3 Years Frame, 1 Years Parts, 30 Days Wear Items.
Pec Fly
Bench Press
Incline Press
Decline Press
Pull Over
Upright Row
Deltoid Raise
Shoulder Press
Standing Military Press
Wide Grip Front Lat Pulldown
Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown
Bent Over Row
Seated Row
Shoulder Shrug
Ab Crunch
Oblique Bend
Biceps Curl (seated)
Biceps Curl (standing)
Tricep Press Down
Tricep Extension
Tricep Kickback
Glute Kick
Outer Thigh Abduction
Inner Thigh Adduction