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Yukon AB Crunch Machine

Model:  ACM-190

Yukon AB Crunch Machine


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The perfect new machine for anyone working to achieve powerful, tight, abs!
Smooth-moving mechanisms, and solid workmanship isolate abdominal
muscles for a complete workout. Cushioned seat, ankle supports and
handle grips make for an effective and comfortable work out. The adjustable
seat not only accommodates users of all sizes but also puts you in the proper
form to really concentrate on your abs to get better results!
Product Features: 
Adjustable seat
Suitable for standard or Olympic plates
Fully bushed leverage arms
Foam Handles
Fixed Foot Hold
Back Pad for extra support
Custom Seat Cushion
OLY-169 Olympic 9.25" Adapter
Capacity -- 200lbs
Product Dimensions:  52"H x 31"W x 34"L