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Unified Leather Muay Thai Pads Pair

Model:  FM-3851-PAD

Unified Leather Muay Thai Pads Pair


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(FREE SHIPPING)-Unified Leather Muay Thai Pads Pair
Fight Monkey Leather Muay Thai Pads
Their new Fight Monkey Curve Muay Thai Pads can be categorized as one of the best.
Overall, these are one of the best Muay Thai Pads on the market, they are comfortable and look great too.
The pads are perfect for a multitude of striking drills including, punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. This Extra Thick version offers added bulk and padding for those who kick really hard.
Made From Durable 100% Leather.
Perfect For Striking Drills.
Velcro Closure.
Extra Thick design while still light weight
Price includes pair