Star Trac Instinct Multi Adjustable Bench

Model:  9INB750113BSS

Star Trac Instinct Multi Adjustable Bench


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Star Trac Instinct Multi Adjustable Bench
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Every home gym needs free weights and an adjustable bench.  Star Trac delivers with the Instinct Adjustable Multi-Adjustable Bench.  It's built with such quality and ergonomic design that it may become one of your gym most preferred pieces of strength equipment.  The Multi-Adjustable Bench is a versatile bench that allows for numerous exercises.  Robust Instinct design is suitable for a health club or a personal fitness center. 

Popular exercises performed using Instinct Ab Bench are sit-ups, leg lifts, bench press, pectoral flys, deltoid extension, and overhead triceps.  Cushioned handles and wheels allow for easy transport around the fitness area.  Adjusting the elevation angle from 0-30% is enabled by a simple pull knob.  This bench is a great compliment to the Dual Adjustable Pulley machine and works great with dumbbells.

The Instinct benches are not only attractive, but enable many popular free-weight and body-weight exercises.  They are space-efficient and many are easy to transport which make them an excellent choice for a personal fitness center. 

The Instinct benches and racks further communicate the flexibility of the entire product line. All primary exercises are covered by the available equipment while forming the perfect complement to the single and dual function machines. The approachable appearance is consistent with the Instinct family of equipment and is emphasized through the smooth lines and space efficiency.

Dimensions: 27 x 55 x 18
Weight: 75 lbs.

Please Allow 4-6 Weeks for Delivery