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Body solid Pro Club Line Cable Crossover

Model:  SCC1200G

Body solid Pro Club Line Cable Crossover


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(FREE SHIPPING)-Body solid Pro Club Line Cable Crossover Machine
nparalledeld quality, strength and durabiloty Only the Cable Crossover Machine will give you atotal body workout.Technologically adbanced, it will word virtually every muscle group in your body. Unique, vertically adjustable pulleys swive smoothly and fully to provide accurate resistance thoughout all exercise movemnets. Design features inclide a wide stace and a frame structure with exewpitonal rigidity. The benefit to you is impriessivestrenght trainting abilities, a confident feel while exercising, and a wondergully smooth workout experince. Versatile as well as durable - It's a machine relible enought to be depended on in high-traffic, heavy use gyms and clubs. Includes two 160Lb. Weight Stack & Shrouds.
156"W x 35"L x 91"H
12 Horizontal Pulley Positions
180 Degree Pivoting Pulleys
2 x 160lbs Standard Weight Stack,

Optional 2 x 235 Weight Stacks Available
Optional Lat / Chin Attachment, GCA2
106” inside pulley to pulley dimensions
9.5’ of cable extension
91” H x 35”L x 156” W