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Body Solid Olympic Shrug Bar

Model:  OTB50

Body Solid Olympic Shrug Bar


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(FREE SHIPPING)-Body Solid Olympic Shrug Bar
Olympic Shrug Bar
Doing shrugs with this Olympic Shrug Bar builds mass and thickness throughout the mid-back and upper traps. Uniquely designed to eliminate contact with the upper thighs and front torso to provide greater range of muscle contraction and deep tissue development. Used for shrugs, dead lift, bench press, military press, squats and lunges. Builds thicker, stronger legs by allowing you to use heavier weights with less strain on the lower back. Solid steel with super-durable zinc plated finish.
10” loadable sleeve space
Knurled handles for grip
Load is centered and not off axis like traditional deadlifts putting less stress on the spine
Works trapezius muscles  with shrug lifts
Use for stiff legged deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts
Dimensions: 56"L x 24"W. (25" from interior handle to interior handle)