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Flexsolate Grip-Free Straps

Flexsolate Grip-Free Straps

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(FREE SHIPPING)-Flexsolate Grip-Free Straps

were designed to provide fitness advocates and bodybuilders alike, with a brand new technology through grip-free method of training. The Flexsolate grip-free straps provide the perfect isolation of targeted muscles available in the world today! Not only do they reduce the focus on secondary muscles, they allow for the natural movement during exercises that reduce stress on joints, tendons, and other areas prone to injury.
Grip-Free Straps - Flexsolate straps offer an amazing new technology that makes getting into shape and developing your body easier than ever before. Complete your workout in less time with superior results. Reap the benefits and make many core exercises more effective and efficient with the Flexsolate lifting straps. Change your lifting approach from pulling to pushing!  Make your muscles stronger in less time, by isolating them.
The Complete Flexsolate DVD. Over 40 different exercise demonstrations. Exercise demonstrations include former Mr. Universe, Gunter Schlierkamp and world famous trainer Charles Glass.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 20 August, 2008.


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