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Deluxe Backwave Traction Bench

Deluxe Backwave Traction Bench



Deluxe Backwave Traction Bench

Relax your way to a healthier and more flexible back. The Health Mark Deluxe Backwave Traction Bench is the only bench of its kind built to take the advanced hardcore workouts of serious athletes and fitness buffs. With its 500 pound weight capacity it is perfect for the petite dancer, the powerful body builder and everybody in between. Variable body positioning along the arch allows for gentle to advanced traction or beginner to advanced exercises, providing everyone the healthy benefits of back extensions or our unique muscle toning methods of yoga and pilates movements. Seldom can a single piece of equipment provide a combination of therapeutic and muscle toning qualities; but this is exactly what you get with the Deluxe Backwave Traction Bench. If your yoga and pilates movements are no longer challenging, choose a demanding position along the arch and increase the degree of difficulty and overall effectiveness of each movement. And when you’re finished, whether you prefer hyper-extended stretching or relaxing with a forward curvature, the Deluxe Backwave will relax, stretch and decompress your spine for an incredible finale. This is the perfect piece of equipment for all of your pre and post workout stretching and decompression.
Back Hyper-Extensions to decompress the spine, relieving pinched nerves and increasing circulation along the spinal column * Forward Bends to gently open the spine and relax stressed muscles * Seated Back Extensions to strengthen the muscles surrounding the lower lumbar area while also stretching the quadriceps and pelvic girdle * Sit-Ups to increase core strength while improving overall core tone Superman Pose to strengthen the muscles surrounding the lumbar and thoracic regions of the back, as well as improving core strength * Alternating Arm-Leg Raises to strengthen the muscles surrounding the lumbar and thoracic regions of the back, as well as improving core and hamstring strength * Single Leg Lifts to strengthen and tone the quadriceps, as well as the core and hip flexors * Double Leg Lifts to strengthen and tone the core and quadriceps * Standing Extension Stretch to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the lumbar region of the back, while stretching the quadriceps and opening the pelvic girdle * Lumbar and Pelvic Stretch to stretch the pelvic girdle, lumbar region, glutes and hamstrings * Face Down Double Leg Raise to strengthen the muscles of the lumbar region and hamstrings * Lay Face Down to Simply Relax or Receive a Massage * Spinal Cradle Provides Support While Helping to Align the Spine
Comprehensive User’s Guide
Sturdy Handlebar for Position Assist
Oversized Endcaps for Increased Stability
Heavy Gauge Tubular Steel
500 lb. Weight Capacity
Comprehensive User’s Guide
Firm Supportive Foam Bed
Minimal Assembly Required
Set-Up Dimensions: 59 x 24 x 46
Net Weight: 88 lbs.
Easy to Assemble

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 21 September, 2010.


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