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Product Name Model Price  
(Pre Owned)-NuStep Total BodyT4/TRS 4000 $2,740.00 
1" Regular Quicklee Plastic Collar -PairARQC $35.00  $34.30 
1"Regular EZ on Spring Collar -PairTRZC-1 $19.00  $18.62 
100 LB Weight SetRSV-100 $169.00  $165.62 
100 lb. Traditional Weight SetF9100 $175.99  $172.47 
105 lb. Duracast Weight Set W/ DumbbellsFO115 $169.99 
10pr. Vinyl or Neoprene Dumbbell RackT-HDR $119.00 
2"Olympic Spring Collar W/Grip (Pair)TOZC-1/2G $19.00  $18.62 
2'Olympic Muscle Clamp Collar-PairAOMC $64.00  $62.72 
20"Multi-Purpose Economy Straight Bar w/ SwivelGSB-20S $49.00 
20' Multi purpose Deluxe Straight Bar w/Rubber GripGSB-20SR $58.00  $56.84 
20-inch Multi-Purposed Deluxe Straight BarTSB-20S $47.00  $46.06 
24-inch Straight Pro-Style Lat BarTPLB-24S $69.00  $67.62 
25' Sisal Climbing RopeCLR-25 $89.99 
255lb Standard Olympic Plate SetO-255-Set $420.00  $411.60 
28"Multi-Purpose Deluxe Curl Bar w/ Rubber GripGCB-28SR $65.00 
28"Multi-Purpose Economy Curl Bar w/ SwivelGCB-28S $45.00 
28-inch Multi-Purposed Deluxe Curl BarTCB-28S $49.00  $48.02 
3 Piece Body Solid Cardio PacCCC-P $4,950.00 
300lb Olympic Steel Grip Weight SetOSHB-300 $499.00  $489.02 
300lbs Rubber Grip Weight SetOSHR-300 $629.00  $547.82 
34-inch Cambered Pro-Style Lat BarTSPLB-34S $89.00  $87.22 
34-inch Straight Pro-Style Lat BarTPLB-34S $75.00  $73.50 
355lb Standard Olympic Plate SetO-355-Set $520.00  $509.60 
4 Pack Interlocking Rubber Flooring Blk / GrayRF4PM-BLK/Gray $98.99 
4' x 6' Commercial Grade Fitness MatsRM-MAT $149.00 
4'x6' x 3/8" Rubber MatMT-8264 $139.00 
40LB Dumbbell Set with CaseRSWB-40TP $99.00 
44" Three Tier Beauty Bell RackRK-32 $469.00 
455lb Standard Olympic Plate SetO-455-Set $620.00  $607.60 
48" Economy Lat BarGLB-48 $49.00  $48.02 
48" High Quality Lat Bar w/Rubber GripGLB-48SR $69.00  $67.62 
48-inch High Quality Lat Bar w/swivelTLB-48S $65.00  $63.70 
5 Lb. Weight Stack Adapter Plate (Pair)WSA5 $59.00  $57.82 
5 Piece Body Solid Cardio Pac.BS5-CPAC $7,299.00 
5' Olympic Style Bar-BlackGOB-60B $133.00  $130.34 
5' Regular BarGRB-60 $74.00  $72.52 
5-50 Hammertone Hex Iron Dumbbell SetHDS-311 $699.00 
5-50lb Coated Dumbbell Set w/ Ergonomic HandlesSDP5-50 $999.00 
5-75lb Premium Kettlebells Combo SetKBC5-75-GDKR100 $1,269.00  $1,243.62 
55 Lb. Duracast Weight SetF0055 $129.00  $126.42 
555lb Standard Olympic Plate SetO-555-Set $720.00  $705.60 
6 foot Power Bar with 50" Gripping lengthOB72B-50G $169.95  $166.55 
6 Pairs Pro StyleDumbbell RackBG-10 $299.00 
6' Regular BarGRB-72 $69.00  $67.62 
7 ft. Olympic Power Bar (bronze)OB86PB $289.00  $283.22 
7 ft. Olympic Power Bar (gold)OB86PBG $549.00  $538.02 
7 ft. Olympic Power Bar (silver)OB86PBS $399.00  $391.02 
7 ft. Olympic Power Bar (zinc)OB86LPB $249.00  $244.02 
7' Light Commercial Bar / 1200lb TestAOB-1200B $263.00  $257.74 
7' Olympic Style Bar-Black or ChromeGOB-86 $144.00  $141.12 
7' Power Bar / 1500lb TestAOB-1500B $279.00  $273.42 
7' Regular BarGRB-84 $69.00  $67.62 
7' Texas Power BarAOB-2000B $389.00  $381.22 
95" Two Tier Dumbbell Rack W/ SaddlesRK-30 $499.00 
A-Frame 1" Plate TreeGRSR $129.00 
Ab Board Best FitnessBFAB10 $120.00 
Above The Door Chin Up Bar (Special)C-0510B-SPL $119.99 
Adjustable dip/pull up barsC-0145 $99.95 
Adjustable Nylon Stirrup HandleNB59 $32.00 
All Ameican Plate Loaded Power Leg ExtensionPL-015 $1,209.00 
All American 10 Bar RackURB-011D $470.00 
All American 10 Dumbbell RackURB-007 $769.00 
All American 4-Way Multi GymMG-001 $6,949.00 
All American 5 Bar RackURB-011 $338.00 
All American 5 Foot Dumbbell RackURB-006 $760.00 
All American 6 Way Multi GymMG-002 $9,200.00 
All American 8 Way Multi GymMG-003 $10,998.00 
All American Adjustable Decline BenchURB-004 $364.00 
All American Adjustable Leg Extension/ Leg Curl ComboPLLB-007 $988.00 
All American Adjustable Squat StandURB-012 $455.00 
All American Bar HolderURB-009 $208.00 
All American Bar Weight Tree with HolderURB-010 $267.00 
All American Commercial F/I/D Pro BenchUB-008 $599.00 
All American Commercial Seated Preacher Curl BenchFWUB-001 $569.00 
All American Deadlift JackURB-020 $549.00  $538.02 
All American Deluxe Flat to 90 Degree Utility BenchURB-005D $852.00 
All American Deluxe Linear Bearing Glute HamFW-018D $1,298.00 
All American Elite Flat Bench PressAEFB $1,169.00 
All American Fitness Pro Sissy SquatBP-SISSY-AA $589.00 
All American Flat BenchURB-001 $455.00 
All American Flat to 90 Degrees Utility BenchUB-006 $675.00 
All American Free Weight 4-Way Dip StationFW-014 $879.00 
All American Free Weight 45 Degree HyperextensionFW-017 $520.00 
All American Free Weight Dip / Chin Up / Knee RaiseFW-016 $787.00 
All American Free Weight Double Dip StationFW-013 $468.00 
All American Free Weight Double Power Rack StationFW-024 $2,698.00 
All American Free Weight Glute HamFW-018 $884.00 
All American Free Weight Half Rack Station & BenchFW-023 $2,464.00 
All American Free Weight Hinged Bench PressFW-005 $1,099.00 
All American Free Weight Knee Raise / Dip StationFW-015 $546.00 
All American Free Weight Laser Double Rack StationFW-027 $5,668.00 
All American Free Weight Laser Half Rack and BenchFW-026 $2,574.00 
All American Free Weight Laser Power Rack StationFW-025 $3,309.00 
All American Free Weight Multi-Station and BenchPS-020/PS-VPU $1,559.00 
All American Free Weight Olympic Bench PressFW-001 $553.00 
All American Free Weight Olympic Decline PressFW-003 $572.00 
All American Free Weight Olympic Incline PressFW-002 $572.00 
All American Free Weight Olympic Shoulder PressFW-004 $637.00 
All American Free Weight Power Rack and BenchPS-021 $1,799.00 
All American Free Weight Self Spotting Incline PressFW-006 $1,099.00 
All American Free Weight Self Spotting Shoulder PressFW-007 $1,099.00 
All American Free Weight Self-Spotting Dumbbell PressFW-008 $1,099.00 
All American Free Weight Squat RackFW-019 $969.00 
All American Free Weight Standing Preacher CurlFW-011 $572.00 
All American Free Weight TriCep Utility BenchFW-012 $481.00 
All American Incline Utility BenchURB-002 $358.00 
All American Laser wing Rack StationFW-028 $3,887.00 
All American Oak Power Lift 6x8 PlatformURB-016O $1,346.00 
All American Pate Loaded Standing T-Bar RowPL-009 $670.00 
All American Plate Loaded 4-Way NeckPL-012 $793.00 
All American Plate Loaded Bicep Tricep ComboPL-011 $884.00 
All American Plate Loaded Incline T-Bar RowPL-010 $982.00 
All American Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown Low Row ComboPLUB-004 $1,209.00 
All American Plate Loaded Lateral RaisePL-006 $1,209.00 
All American Plate Loaded Leg Press/Hack SquatPLLB-004 $2,599.00 
All American Plate Loaded Linear Leg PressPL-013 $2,815.00 
All American Plate Loaded Pectoral FlyPL-007 $1,209.00 
All American Plate Loaded Power Extension/Curl ComboPL-017 $1,209.00 
All American Plate Loaded Power Flat BenchPL-001 $1,209.00 
All American Plate Loaded Power Incline BenchPL-002 $1,209.00 
All American Plate Loaded Power Leg CurlPL-016 $1,073.00 
All American Plate Loaded Power LungePL-101 $2,178.00 
All American Plate Loaded Power RowPL-004 $1,209.00 
All American Plate Loaded Power ShoulderPL-003 $1,209.00 
All American Plate Loaded Power ShrugPL-005 $1,209.00 
All American Plate Loaded Power SquatPL-020 $1,391.00 
All American Plate Loaded Pulling SledPL-026 $306.00 
All American Plate Loaded Pullover BenchPL-025 $1,066.00 
All American Plate Loaded Seated CalfPL-019 $799.00 
All American Plate Loaded Smith MachinePL-021 $1,866.00 
All American Plate Loaded Smith Machine with Counter BalancePL-022 $2,418.00 
All American Plyo Box set of 5 boxesURB-013 $663.00 
All American Pro Flat To 90 BenchURB-019 $2,262.00 
All American Pro Power BenchPro Bench $995.00 
All American Reverse Back ExtensionPL-103 $2,594.00 
All American Selectorized Ab CrunchSEL-012 $2,737.00 
All American Selectorized Back ExtensionSEL-013 $2,893.00 
All American Selectorized Back ExtensionSEL-013 $2,893.00 
All American Selectorized Bicep CurlSEL-010 $2,737.00 
All American Selectorized Cable CrossoverSEL-015 $3,010.00 
All American Selectorized Cable Crossover/Adjustable ColumnSELCB-013 $3,434.00 
All American Selectorized Chest PressSEL-001 $3,023.00 
All American Selectorized Double StackSEL-009 $3,478.00 
All American Selectorized Four way NeckSEL-017 $2,009.00 
All American Selectorized Glute PressSEL-024 $2,438.00 
All American Selectorized Incline Chest PressSEL-002 $2,893.00 
All American Selectorized Lat Pull DownSel-007 $2,418.00 
All American Selectorized Lateral RaiseSEL-006 $2,893.00 
All American Selectorized Leg ExtensionSEL-021 $2,893.00 
All American Selectorized Leg PressSEL-020 $3,608.00 
All American Selectorized LegExt / Curl with Adjustable BackSEL-025 $3,075.00 
All American Selectorized Low RowSEL-008 $2,529.00 
All American Selectorized Multi HipSEL-018 $2,893.00 
All American Selectorized Pectoral FlySEL-004 $2,893.00 
All American Selectorized Rear DeltSEL-005 $2,737.00 
All American Selectorized Shoulder PressSEL-003 $2,893.00 
All American Selectorized Standing Calf RaiseSEL-023 $2,535.00 
All American Selectorized Tricep ExtensionSEL-011 $2,737.00 
All American Selectorized Weight Assist /Dip ChinSEL-014 $3,257.00 
All American Selectorized Wrist RollerSEL-019 $2,009.00 
All American Solid Rubber 6x8 PlatformsURB-016R $1,047.00 
All American Spotter StandURB-014 $228.00 
All American Squat StoolURB-015 $228.00 
All American Technique TrayURB-021 $636.00 
All American Unilateral Leg PressPLLB-005 $4,069.00 
All American Upright Utility BenchURB-003 $358.00 
All American Varsity Double Rack w/ 2 Deluxe BenchesFW-031 $4,804.00 
All American Varsity Half Rack w/ Deluxe BenchFW-030 $2,223.00 
All American Varsity Power Rack w/ Deluxe BenchFW-029 $2,677.00 
All American Weight TreeURB-008 $208.00 
American Barbell FootBall / Swiss BarSB-FBB $449.00 
American Barbell Rubber Coated 10lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPRS-10 $88.00  $86.24 
American Barbell Rubber Coated 2.5lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPRS-2.5 $44.00  $43.12 
American Barbell Rubber Coated 25lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPRS-25 $198.00  $194.04 
American Barbell Rubber Coated 35lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPRS-35 $254.00  $248.92 
American Barbell Rubber Coated 45lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPRS-45 $283.00  $277.34 
American Barbell Rubber Coated 5lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPRS-5 $57.00  $55.86 
American Barbell Series III Pro Rubber Dumbbell 5-100 SetRSD5-100 $5,392.00 
American Barbell Series III Pro Rubber Dumbbell 5-50 SetRSD5-50 $2,099.00 
American Barbell Solid Head Urethane Barbells 20-110lb(curl)PEZB 20-110 $2,794.00 
American Barbell Solid Head Urethane Barbells 20-110lb(Straight)PSTB $2,741.00 
American Barbell Solid Head Urethane Dumbbells 105-125lb SetPSDU-105-125 $3,408.00 
American Barbell Solid Head Urethane Dumbbells 130-150lb SetPSDU-130-150 $3,970.00 
American Barbell Solid Head Urethane Dumbbells 5-125lb SetPSDU-5-125 $10,333.00 
American Barbell Solid Head Urethane Dumbbells 5-50lb SetPSDU-5-50 $3,098.00 
American Barbell Solid Head Urethane Dumbbells 55-100lb SetPSDU-55-100 $4,915.00 
American Barbell Urethane Coated 10lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPUS-10 $91.00 
American Barbell Urethane Coated 2.5lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPUS-2.5 $48.00  $47.04 
American Barbell Urethane Coated 25lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPUS-25 $209.00  $204.82 
American Barbell Urethane Coated 35lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPUS-35 $275.00  $269.50 
American Barbell Urethane Coated 45lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPUS-45 $326.00  $319.48 
American Barbell Urethane Coated 5lb Olympic Grip PlatesOPUS-5 $60.00  $58.80 
Apollo 300LB Pro Rubber Weight SetROGP-300 SET $599.00  $587.02 
Apollo 400LB pro rubber weight setROGP-400 SET $729.00  $714.42 
Apollo 500LB pro rubber grip weight setROGP-500 SET $899.00  $881.02 
Apollo 600LB pro rubber grip weight setROGP-600 SET $1,099.00  $1,077.02 
Apollo 700LB pro rubber grip weight setROGP-700 SET $1,199.00  $1,175.02 
Apollo 800lb pro rubber grip weight setROGP-800 SET $1,299.00  $1,273.02 
Apollo M RackM-RACK $149.00 
Apollo Olympic Gripper Collar w/ LockLJC-M $39.00  $38.22 
Apollo Power chuteCHUTE $59.00 
ATS Air RowerFG448 $459.00 
Bar AttachmentGDCCBAR $42.00 
BenchBlokz 1 BoardBB1 Board $49.00 
BenchBlokz 2-5 BoardBB2-5 Board $69.00 
Best Fitness Center Drive EllipticalBFE1 $1,299.00 
Best Fitness Cross Trainer EllipticalBFCT1 $599.00 
Best Fitness FID BenchBFFID10 $199.00 
Best Fitness Functional TrainerBFFT10 $729.00 
Best Fitness Hyperextension Ab BoardBFHYP10 $209.00 
Best Fitness Leg Developer / Preacher Curl AttachmentBFPL10 $149.00 
Best Fitness Olympic Press StandBFPR10 $249.00 
Best Fitness Power RackBFPR100 $389.00 
Best Fitness Power Rack Combo SetBFPR100-COMBO $1,299.00 
Best Fitness Recumbent BikeBFRB1 $449.00 
Best Fitness Semi-Recumbent Ab BenchBFAB20 $329.00 
Best Fitness Spin Style BikeBFSB10 $879.00 
Best Fitness Sportsman GymBFMG20 $599.00 
Best Fitness Vertical Knee RaiseBFVK10 $249.00 
Best Fitness Walking TreadmillBFT50 $989.00 
Bike & Stepper MatFG123 $45.99 
Body Miracle 5 in 1 Fitness Kit5N1-Kit $49.00 
Body Rocker VibrationVF82000 $899.00 
Body Solid 150lb Weight Stack AttachmentSP150 $299.00 
Body Solid 2 Tier Dumbbell RackGDR60 $299.00 
Body Solid 2-Tier Dumbbell RackBSGDR44 $139.00 
Body Solid 2.5 Lb. Weight Stack Adapter Plate (Pair)WSA2.5 $56.00  $54.88 
Body Solid 200Lb Weight StackSP200 $339.00 
Body Solid 20lb Body Solid Weighted VestBSTWV-20 $129.00 
Body Solid 255lb Colored Rubber Grip Olympic Plate SetORC-255 $599.00  $587.02 
Body Solid 255lb Rubber Grip Olympic Plate SetORT-255 Set $559.99  $548.79 
Body Solid 255lb Steel Grip Olympic PlatesOST-255 $498.99  $489.01 
Body Solid 25th Anniversary Bicep BlasterBB25 $79.00  $77.42 
Body Solid 260lb Olympic Bumper Plate SetORCOL260 $669.00  $655.62 
Body Solid 260lb Premium Bumper plates SetOBPH-260 $769.00  $753.62 
Body Solid 3-Pair Kettlebell RackGDKR50 $130.00 
Body Solid 3-Pair Vinyl Dumbell PackageGDR10-Pack $132.00 
Body Solid 300lb Olympic Weight SetOS-300 $549.00  $538.02 
Body Solid 300lb Rubber Grip Olympic Weight SetOSR 300 Set $629.00  $616.42 
Body Solid 300lb Steel Grip Olympic Weight SetOST 300 Set $549.00  $538.02 
Body Solid 350lb Olympic Bumper Plate SetOBP-Color-350 $829.00  $812.42 
Body Solid 350lb Premium Bumper plates SetOBPH-350 $939.00  $920.22 
Body Solid 355lb Colored Rubber Grip Olympic Plate SetORCT-355 $729.00  $714.42 
Body Solid 355lb Rubber Grip Olympic Plate SetORT-355 Set $659.00  $645.82 
Body Solid 355lb Steel Grip Olympic PlatesOST-355 $569.00  $557.62 
Body Solid 400lb Olympic Weight SetOS-400 $629.00  $616.42 
Body Solid 400lb Rubber Grip Olympic Weight SetOSR 400 Set $729.00  $714.42 
Body Solid 400lb Steel Grip Olympic Weight SetOST 400 Set $629.00  $616.42 
Body Solid 40lb Body Solid Weighted VestBSTWV-40 $149.00 
Body Solid 455lb Colored Rubber Grip Olympic Plate SetORC-455 $839.00  $822.22 
Body Solid 455lb Rubber Grip Olympic Plate SetORT-455 Set $769.00  $753.62 
Body Solid 455lb Steel Grip Olympic PlatesOST-455 $649.00  $636.02 
Body Solid 45°Back HyperextensionGHYP345 $315.00 
Body Solid 490lb Olympic Bumper Plate SetOBP-Color-490 $1,039.00  $1,018.22 
Body Solid 490lb Premium Bumper plates SetOBPH-490 $1,199.00  $1,175.02 
Body Solid 4x6 by 1/2" SuperMatRF546 $147.00 
Body Solid 4x6 by 3/8" SuperMatRF46 $139.00 
Body Solid 5 ft. Olympic Bar- BlackOB60B $129.00  $126.42 
Body Solid 5-100lb Hex Dumbbell SetSDS-5-100 $2,169.00 
Body Solid 5-100lb Virgin Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells SetSDR 5-100 $2,849.00 
Body Solid 5-120lb Virgin Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells SetSDR 5-120 $3,879.00 
Body Solid 5-30 Rubber Dumbbell Combo SetSDR5-30/GDR44 $579.00 
Body Solid 5-30lb Kettlebell SetKBS105 $289.00 
Body Solid 5-50lb Hex Dumbbell SetSDS-5-50 $729.00 
Body Solid 5-50lb Kettlebell SetKBS275 $489.00 
Body Solid 5-50lb Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell & Rack ComboBS5-50-Combo $1,099.00 
Body Solid 5-50lb Virgin Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells SetSDR 5-50 $835.00 
Body Solid 5-70lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell & Rack ComboBS5-70-Combo $1,699.00 
Body Solid 500lb Olympic Weight SetOS-500 $749.00  $734.02 
Body Solid 500lb Rubber Grip Olympic Weight SetOSR 500 Set $869.00  $851.62 
Body Solid 500lb Steel Grip Olympic Weight SetOST 500 Set $749.00  $734.02 
Body Solid 55-75lb Hex Dumbbell SetSDS-55-75 $829.00 
Body Solid 55-75lb Virgin Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells SetSDR 55-75 $998.00 
Body Solid 6 ft.Lightweight Aluminum BarOB72A15 $229.00  $224.42 
Body Solid 600lb Olympic Bumper Plate SetOBP-Color-600 $1,189.00  $1,165.22 
Body Solid 600lb Premium Bumper plates SetOBPH-600 $1,399.00  $1,371.02 
Body Solid 7 ft. Olympic Bar- BlackOB86B $169.00  $165.62 
Body Solid 7 ft. Premium Olympic Power Bar (Chrome)0B86P1000 $239.00  $234.22 
Body Solid 7 ft. Premium Olympic Power Bar (Stainless)OB86P1000SS $299.00  $293.02 
Body Solid 790lb Olympic Bumper Plate SetOBP-Color-790 $1,498.00  $1,468.04 
Body Solid 790lb Premium Bumper plates SetOBPH-790 $1,749.00  $1,714.02 
Body Solid 80-100lb Virgin Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells SetSDR 80-100 $1,289.00 
Body Solid 80-100lb Hex Dumbbell SetSDS-80-100 $1,099.00 
Body Solid ab back camGCAB360 $549.00 
Body Solid Ab Crunch HarnessACH18 $54.00  $52.92 
Body Solid Accessory RackVDRA30 $205.00 
Body Solid Angleg Handle 5-40lb Kettlebell SetKBLS180 $399.00 
Body Solid B4R Recumbent BikeB4R $999.00 
Body Solid Bar PadMA105 $38.00  $37.24 
Body Solid Battling Ropes 1.5" by 30 FtBSTBR1530 $189.00 
Body Solid Battling Ropes 1.5" by 40 ftBSTBR1540 $209.00 
Body Solid Battling Ropes 1.5" by 50 Ft.BSTBR1550 $219.00 
Body Solid Battling Ropes 2" by 30 FtBSTBR2030 $219.00 
Body Solid Battling Ropes 2" by 40 ftBSTBR2040 $259.00 
Body Solid Battling Ropes 2" by 50 FtBSTBR2050 $289.00 
Body Solid Bench Rack ComboSDIB370 $875.00 
Body Solid Bicep BlasterBB23 $54.00 
Body Solid bicep tricep machineGCBT380 $549.00 
Body Solid Cable Accessory PackageVDRA30-PACK $689.00 
Body Solid Cardio Pump 10 PackGCR100-PACK $1,499.00  $1,469.02 
Body Solid Chrome Bar Catch (pair)BC2C $89.00 
Body Solid Colored Rubber Grip Olympic 300lb Weight SetORC-300S $659.00  $645.82 
Body Solid Colored Rubber Grip Olympic 400lb Weight SetORC-400S $729.00  $714.42 
Body Solid Colored Rubber Grip Olympic 500lb Weight SetORC-500S $899.00  $881.02 
Body Solid Commercial Cardio Combo PackT100/B5R/E5000 $6,199.00 
Body Solid Commercial Cardio Combo SetT100/E5000/ESB250 $4,999.00 
Body Solid Commercial Flat to Incline BenchGFI21 $305.00 
Body solid Commercial Multi Squat Rack Combo SetSmr1000-Combo $1,998.00 
Body Solid Commercial Pro Dual 4-Stack Gym Home GymDGYM-4GYM $6,399.00 
Body Solid Commercial Pro Power RackGPR378 $595.00 
Body Solid Commercial Pro Power Rack Combo SetGPR378-COMBO $1,799.00 
Body Solid Core Essentials KitBSTPACK $159.00 
Body Solid dip stationGDIP59 $299.00 
Body Solid Dual Grip Medicine Ball SetBSTDMB6-25 Set $649.00 
Body Solid Dumbbell & Kettlebell RackGDKR100 $259.00 
Body Solid Dumbbell Power HooksPPH2 $64.99 
Body Solid E5000 Premium Elliptical TrainerE5000 $2,500.00 
Body Solid Endurance B2.5R Recumbent BikeB2.5R $1,499.00 
Body Solid Endurance B2R Recumbent BikeB2R $949.00 
Body Solid Endurance B2U Upright BikeB2U $829.00 
Body Solid Endurance B3R Recumbant BikeB3R $1,799.00 
Body Solid Endurance Cardio B2.5U Upright BikeB2.5U $1,299.00 
Body Solid Endurance Cardio T3i TreadmillT3I $1,399.00 
Body Solid Endurance Cardio T6iHRC TreadmillT6iHRC $1,899.00 
Body Solid Endurance Cardio TF3i Folding TreadmillTF3i $1,729.00 
Body Solid Endurance Exercise BikeESB250 $940.00 
Body Solid Endurance Indoor Exercise BikeESB150 $689.00 
Body Solid Endurance Recumbent BikeB5R $2,450.00 
Body Solid Endurance Upright BikeB5U $2,150.00 
Body Solid Fitness Bar PackageGFR500-PACK $699.00  $685.02 
Body Solid Fitness PackBSTFITBAG $149.00 
Body Solid Flat Incline Decline BenchGFID31 $310.00 
Body Solid Flat Incline Decline BenchGFID100 $299.00 
Body Solid Folding Multi BenchGFID225 $265.00 
Body Solid Functional TrainerGDCC210 $1,950.00 
Body Solid Functional Trainer ComboGDCC200-COMBO $1,999.00 
Body Solid Functional Trainer Work Out CenterGDCC200 $1,950.00 
Body Solid Fusion Chin Dip assistFCD-STK $1,485.00 
Body Solid Fusion Vertical Knee Raise, Dip, Pull UpFCD $599.00 
Body Solid G3S Selectorized Home GymG3S $1,500.00 
Body Solid G6B 25th Anniversary Edition Home GymG6B25YR-260 Red Plate $2,999.00 
Body Solid G6B Bi Angular Home GymG6B $2,525.00 
Body Solid G9S Two Stack Gym Home GymG9S $4,160.00 
Body Solid Glute & Ham MachineSGH500 $599.00 
Body Solid Gut Blaster Ab SlingsAAB2 $105.00 
Body Solid Heavy Duty Flat BenchGFB350 $189.00 
Body Solid Heavy Duty Flat Incline Decline BenchGFID71 $440.00 
Body Solid Heavy Duty Preacher Curl BenchGPCB329 $385.00 
Body Solid Heavy Duty Roman ChairGRCH322 $380.00 
Body Solid Heavy Duty Utility StoolGST20 $199.00 
Body Solid Hexagon Pro Club Package Full Commercial.SR-HEXPROCLUB $5,250.00 
Body Solid Horizontal Ab Crunch MachineGAB100 $379.00 
Body Solid Inversion BootsGIB2 $79.00 
Body Solid Inversion TableGINV50 $309.00 
Body Solid Lat Attachment for GPR378GLA378 $399.00 
Body Solid Lat Pull-Up / Chin Up StationGCA2 $119.00 
Body Solid Leather Dipping BeltMA330 $69.00 
Body Solid Leg Curl MachineSLC400G $1,699.00 
Body Solid Leg Developer AttachmentGLDA1 $149.00 
Body Solid Leg Developer AttachmentGLDA3 $159.00 
Body Solid Leg Press & Hack SquatGLPH1100 $1,420.00 
Body Solid Leg Press Option for EXM4000SLP40S $1,599.00 
Body Solid Leverage Bench PressLVBP $899.00 
Body Solid Leverage Horizontal Leg PressLVLP $1,799.00 
Body Solid Leverage Incline Bench PressLVIP $899.00 
Body Solid Leverage Lat PulldownLVLA $998.00 
Body Solid Leverage Leg CurlLVLC $899.00 
Body Solid Leverage Leg ExtensionLVLE $899.00 
Body Solid Leverage Seated RowLVSR $949.00 
Body Solid Leverage Shoulder PressLVSP $899.00 
Body Solid Leverage Squat/Calf Combo SetGSCL360-800 $1,899.00 
Body Solid Lifting Bands 5 SetBSTB-5Set $135.00 
Body Solid Medicine Balls & Rack ComboGMR10-PACK $399.00 
Body Solid Multi Press RackGPR370 $550.00 
Body Solid Multi Press Rack Combo SetGPR370-COMBO $1,759.00 
Body Solid Nylon Dipping BeltNB56 $59.00 
Body Solid Nylon Head HarnessMA307N $39.00 
Body Solid Olympic Adapter Sleeve - 14 inchOAS14 $39.00  $38.22 
Body Solid Olympic Adapter Sleeve - 8 inchOA8 $29.00  $28.42 
Body Solid Olympic Bar CollarsBSTROC-NAT $65.00  $63.70 
Body Solid Olympic Bar Collars-RedBSTROC-RED $65.00  $63.70 
Body Solid Olympic Bar HolderGOBH5 $129.00 
Body Solid Olympic Combo BarOB48 $98.00  $96.04 
Body Solid Olympic Curl Bar- BlackOB47B $129.00  $126.42 
Body Solid Olympic Curl Bar- ChromeOB47 $129.00  $126.42 
Body Solid Olympic Dumbbell HandleOB20 $54.00 
Body Solid Olympic Muscle Clamps CollarsBSTMC-BLK $49.00  $48.02 
Body Solid Olympic Shrug BarOTB50 $229.00  $224.42 
Body Solid Olympic Spring CollarOC06 $19.00  $18.62 
Body Solid Olympic Weight Tree & Bar RackGOWT $149.99 
Body Solid Optional Third Tier for GDR60GDRT6 $109.00 
Body Solid P1 Leg Press AttachmentPLP $489.00 
Body Solid Pec MachineGpm65 $589.00 
Body Solid Performance Trainer Home GymEXM1500S $998.00 
Body Solid Plyo Boxes 5 SetBSTPB 6-30 $599.00 
Body Solid Plyo Boxes 7 SetBSTPB 6-42 $829.00 
Body Solid Power Cage Gym SetPCG-SET $1,099.00 
Body Solid Power Center Combo BenchGDIB46L $439.00 
Body Solid Power Lift Flat/Incline/Decline BenchBSFID46 $379.00 
Body Solid Powerlift Leverage Gym Home GymSBL460p4 $1,629.00 
Body Solid Powerlift Leverage Gym Package Home GymSBL460P4-Combo $2,599.00 
Body Solid PowerLift Olympic Weight TreeWT46 $139.00 
Body Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline BenchPFID130X $249.00 
Body Solid Powerline P1 Home GymBSP1X $999.00 
Body Solid Preacher Curl StationGPCA1 $159.00 
Body Solid Pro Bench Combo SetPro Bench-Combo $1,369.00 
Body Solid Pro 5-100lb Rubber Round Dumbbell SetSDP5-100 $4,289.00 
Body Solid Pro 5-50lb Rubber Round Dumbbell SetSDP5-50 $1,292.00 
Body Solid Pro Club Decline Olympic BenchSDB351G $729.00 
Body Solid Pro Club Incline Olympic BenchSIB359G $729.00 
Body solid Pro Club Line Cable CrossoverSCC1200G $2,529.00 
Body Solid Pro Club Line Flat Olympic BenchSFB349G $729.00 
Body Solid Pro Club Line Inner or Outer Thigh MachineSTH1100G $1,924.99 
Body Solid Pro Club Line Leg Extension MachineSLE200G $1,799.00 
Body Solid Pro Club Line Leg Press MachineSLP500G $1,799.00 
Body Solid Pro Club Line Series II Bicep / TricepS2BTP $2,095.00 
Body Solid Pro Club Line Series II Multi PressS2MP $2,295.00 
Body Solid Pro Club-Line Lat MachineSLM300G $1,799.00 
Body Solid Pro ClubLine Ab BenchSAB500 $549.00 
Body Solid Pro Clubline Dual Series II Cable Lat Pull / RowS2LAT $2,175.00 
Body Solid Pro ClubLine Leverage SquatSLS500 $1,500.00 
Body Solid Pro Clubline Series II Ab / Back MachineS2ABB $1,895.00 
Body Solid Pro Clubline Series II Arm CurlS2AC $1,895.00 
Body Solid Pro Clubline Series II Chest PressS2CP $2,195.00 
Body Solid Pro Clubline Series II Inner / Outer ThighS2IOT $2,095.00 
Body Solid Pro Clubline Series II Leg ExtensionS2LEX $2,095.00 
Body Solid Pro Clubline Series II Leg Press / Calf RaiseS2LPC $2,350.00 
Body Solid Pro Clubline Series II Pec / Fly Rear DeltS2PEC $2,250.00 
Body Solid Pro Clubline Series II Seated Leg CurlS2SLC $2,195.00 
Body Solid Pro Clubline Series II Shoulder PressS2SP $1,995.00 
Body Solid Pro ClubLine Weight Tree/Bar HolderSWT1000 $499.00 
Body solid Pro Commercial Multi Squat RackSMR1000 $1,320.00 
Body Solid Pro Counter Balanced Smith MachineSCB1000 $2,300.00 
Body Solid Pro Counter Balanced Smith Machine ComboSCB1000-COMBO $2,599.00 
Body Solid Pro Flat / Incline / Decline BenchSFID325 $440.00 
Body Solid Pro Grip Lat BarMB148RG $69.00 
Body Solid Pro Grip Revolving Curl BarMB229RG $55.00 
Body Solid Pro Grip Revolving Straight BarMB022RG $59.00 
Body Solid Pro Lat MachineGLM83 $460.00 
Body Solid Pro Multi Functional PressGMFP-STK $1,295.00 
Body Solid Pro Power Rack SystemGPR378GLA378 $999.00 
Body Solid Pro Select Ab/BackGCAB-STK $1,295.00 
Body Solid Pro Select Bicep / TricepGCBT-STK $1,295.00 
Body Solid Pro Select Inner & Outer Thigh MachineGIOT-STK $1,620.00 
Body Solid Pro Style Ab BoardGAB60 $299.00 
Body Solid Pro-Grip Multi Purpose BarMB503RG $72.00 
Body Solid Pro-Power Grips HooksPG2 $49.00  $48.02 
Body Solid ProClub Line Dual Cable ColumSDC2000G $2,199.00 
Body Solid Push Up BarsPUB2 $39.00 
Body Solid Resistance Tubes SetBSTRT 1-5 $109.00 
Body Solid Rubber Bumper Plate RackGBPR10 $199.00 
Body Solid Seated Calf RaiseGSCR349 $529.00 
Body Solid Seated Leg Extension / Leg CurlGCEC340 $629.00 
Body Solid Seated Leg Extension/CurlGLCE365 $525.00 
Body Solid seated row machineGSRM40 $499.00 
Body Solid Semi-Recumbant Dual Ab BenchGAB350 $390.00 
Body Solid Series 2 Assisted Chin Dip MachineS2ACD $3,175.00 
Body Solid Series 7 Smith Gym SystemGS348QP4 $2,825.00 
Body Solid Series 7 Smith MachineGS348Q $1,480.00 
Body Solid Series 7 Smith Machine Combo SetGS348Q-COMBO $2,328.00 
Body Solid Slam Ball SetBSTHB-4SET $259.00 
Body Solid Soft 3 Sided Plyo BoxBSTSPBOX $330.00 
Body Solid Soft 6-30lb Medicine Ball SetBSTSMB-6-30Set $619.00 
Body Solid Speed Jump RopeBSTJR1 $15.99 
Body Solid Squat BlockSCB26 $159.00 
Body Solid squat calf machineGSCL360 $699.00 
Body Solid Standard Weight Tree & Bar RackGSWT $149.00 
Body Solid Strength Training ClockSTT45 $39.00 
Body Solid T-Bar Row Combo SetT-Bar Combo $389.00 
Body Solid T-Bar Row PlatformTBR10 $89.00  $87.22 
Body Solid T10 Light Commercial TreadmillT10 $2,799.00 
Body Solid T100 Commercial TreadmillT100 $3,895.00 
Body Solid Triceps RopeTR20 $55.00  $53.90 
Body Solid Two Stack Gym EXM3000LPS Home GymEXM3000LPS $2,749.00 
Body Solid Vertical Knee Raise and DipGVKR60 $360.00 
Body Solid Vertical Knee Raise AttachmentVKR30 $449.00 
Body Solid Vertical Knee Raise, Dip, Pull UpGVKR82 $469.00 
Body Solid Vinyl Dumbbell PackageGDR500-PACK $1,199.00 
Body Solid Vinyl Dumbells SetBSTVDS164 $399.00 
Body Solid Weight SledGWS100 $249.00 
Body-Solid 40 Inch 3-Tier Dumbbell RackGDR363 $195.00 
Body-Solid Deluxe Cable CrossoverGDCC250 $1,950.00 
Body-Solid EXM4000S Pro Gym Home GymEXM4000S $4,799.00 
Body-Solid G10B Home GymG10B $2,699.00 
Body-Solid Leg & Calf Press MachineGLP-STK $1,510.00 
Body-Solid Semi-Recumbent Ab BenchGAB300 $379.00 
BodyCraft Adjustable Ab BenchF680 $349.00 
Bodycraft Deluxe F/I/D BenchF602 $399.00 
BodyCraft F603 Multi Purpose BenchF603 $399.00 
Bodycraft FID BenchF320 $349.00 
Bodycraft Flat BenchF600 $249.00 
Bodycraft Galena Leg Press AttachmentG-Leg Press $400.00 
Bodycraft Galena Pro Home GymGalena $1,899.00 
BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym W/ Leg Press & Shrouds Home GymGalenaProW/LegPres $2,419.00 
BodyCraft HFT Home Functional TrainerHFT $2,399.00 
BodyCraft Jones Club with Active Balance BarJCLUB-ABB $3,099.00 
BodyCraft Jones Smith MachineJones-JLCPB $2,999.00 
Bodycraft Linear Bearing Leg Press Hack SquatF660 $1,999.00 
BodyCraft Personal Functional TrainerPFT-F603 $3,398.00 
BodyCraft Power RackF430 $799.00 
BodyCraft SPR Indoor Group CycleSPR $1,699.00 
BodyCraft SPT-Mag Indoor Club Group CycleSPT-MAG $1,399.00 
BodyCraft SPX BikeSPX (2) $999.00 
Bodycraft Squat Rack Half CageF460 $699.00 
BodyCraft T3 Life TreeT3 Life Tree $799.00 
BodyCraft VR100 Rowing MachineVR100 $699.00 
BodyCraft VR400 Pro Rowing MachineVR400 $1,299.00 
BodyCraft X2 Strength Training System Home GymX2 Strength $4,599.00 
BodyCraft X4 Strength Training System Home GymX4 Strength $5,999.00 
Bodycraft Xpress Leg Press AttachmentXP-LP $700.00 
Bodycraft Xpress Pro Gym Home GymXPress Pro $2,599.00 
Bodycraft Xpress Pro W/ Leg Press Home GymXPressPro w/LPress $3,299.00 
Cable Attachment Pack 1Cable Pack-1 $175.00  $171.50 
Cable Attachment Pack 2Cable Pack-2 $112.00  $109.76 
Cable Attachment Pack 3Cable Pack-3 $359.00 
Cap Deluxe 5-120lb Rubber Coated Dumbbell SetSDR5-120 $4,515.00 
Cap FID Bench with Dumbbell HolderFM-504 $149.00 
Cap Knee WrapHHSA-CB020 $45.99 
CAP's 20LB Hourglass Dumbbell SetSDNHS-TN020 $69.95 
CAP's 40LB Vinyl Dumbbell SetRSV-42 $49.00 
CAP's Walking Dumbbell SetSDNW $69.00 
Chinning TriangleGCT $44.00  $43.12 
Chinning Triangle w/Rubber GripGCT-R $45.00 
Commercial Grade Bar PadTBPAD $38.00  $37.24 
Concept2 Rower Model DConcept2-D $1,150.00 
Concept2 Rower Model EConcept2-E $1,255.00 
Cybex 525AT Arc Trainer525AT $6,500.00 
Cybex 625AT Total Body Arc Trainer625AT $7,799.00 
Cybex 770AT Commercial Total Body Arc Trainer (NEW)770AT $8,100.00 
Deluxe 5-50lb Rubber Coated Dumbbell SetSDR5-50 $1,029.00 
Deluxe Backwave Traction BenchIVO-18220 $499.00 
Dip Attachment (For the Body Solid Pro Power Rack)DR378 $125.00 
Doorway Chinning BarPUB34 $149.00 
Double Stirrup HandleTDSH $49.00 
Dumbbell Training Poster PackPoster-Pac $38.99 
Element Cardio Pump Group Pack 10 Sets with RackE-500-833CPAC $1,899.00  $1,861.02 
Element Commercial Dumbbell RackE-500-4TDRAC $329.00 
Element Fitness Accessory RackE-500-848ACR $559.00 
Element Fitness Bumper Plate RackE-500-852BR $299.99 
Element Fitness Commercial Ab/Crunch BenchE-500-ABCB $599.00 
Element Fitness Commercial Hyper Extension BenchE-500-HEB $699.00 
Element Fitness Commercial Kettlebell RackE-500-859KR $259.00 
Element Fitness Glute Ham DeveloperE-500-GHD $599.99 
Element Fitness Gym RingsUL-100-GYMR $79.99 
Element Fitness Vertical Knee Raise TowerE-500-870VKR $699.00 
Endurance E300 Eliptical TrainerE300 $1,670.00 
Endurance E400 Elliptical TrainerE400 $1,960.00 
Endurance TF6iHRC Folding Treadmill Body SolidTF6iHRC $1,924.99 
Fat Grip Bars 2" Solid SteelIM-0055-2S $239.00  $234.22 
Fat Grip Bars 2" Tube Steel - Chrome PlatedIM-0055-2H $149.00  $146.02 
Fat Grip Bars 2.5" Solid Steel - Chrome PlatedIM-0055-2.5S $279.00  $273.42 
Fat Grip Bars 2.5" Tube Steel - Chrome PlatedIM-0055-2.5H $169.00  $165.62 
Fat Grip Bars 3" Solid Steel - Chrome PlatedIM-0055-3S $349.00  $342.02 
Fat Grip Bars 3" Tube Steel - Chrome PlatedIM-0055-3H $179.00  $175.42 
Fight Monkey 16oz Training GlovesFM-601-16TGLOV $69.00 
Fight Monkey Commercial Vinyl Heavy Bag - 75 lbsFM-502VN-75IL $139.00 
Fight Monkey Jr. Youth All Purpose Starter KitFM-502RONS $69.99 
Fight Monkey Mexican Hand Wraps (Pair Black)FM-506MHW $18.00 
Fight Monkey Professional Series 10" Speed BagFM-602PRO-SB10 $52.00 
Fight Monkey Professional Series 16oz Leather GlovesFM-602-PRO16LG $99.99 
Fight Monkey Professional Series Leather Focus MittsFM-602-PROMITT $119.00 
First Degree E-316 Fluid RowerE316 $2,299.00 
First Degree E520 Fluid RowerE520 $2,799.00 
First Degree E920 Medical UBE RowerE920 $4,999.00 
First Degree Fluid E720 Cycle XT RowerE720 $3,499.00 
First Degree Viking 2 AR RowerViking 2 AR $1,599.00 
Flexsolate Grip-Free StrapsGrip-Free Straps $39.00  $38.22 
Fusion 500 Personal Trainer Pro Gym Home GymF500 $1,999.00 
Fusion 600 Personal Trainer Pro Gym Home GymF600 $2,595.00 
Glassless 4x6 Gym Wall Mount MirrorBP-GM $390.00 
Harpenden Skinfold Caliper W/SoftwareSFC-1000 $429.00 
Health Mark Pro Max Inversion TableIVO-18680 $799.00 
Health Mark Swiss ChairHM-SwissChair $129.00 
Heavy Duty Single Cable Handle - SolidTCCH-D $40.99 
Hex Dumbbells 3-25lb. SetIHD3-25 $309.00 
Hex Dumbbells 30-50lb. SetIHD30-50 $549.00 
Hex Dumbbells 5-100lb. SetIHD5-100 $2,595.00 
Hex Dumbbells 55-100 SetIHD55-100 $1,895.00 
Interlocking 4 Pack Rubber Flooring BlackRF4PM-BLK $98.99 
Iron Hex Dumbbells 5-50lb. SetIHD5-50 $659.00 
Large Aerobic StepperC-1050 $99.00 
Lat Attachment for Powerline Power RackPLA200X $349.00 
Lat Blaster BarLBB28 $75.00  $73.50 
Leather Ankle StrapALAS $52.00  $50.96 
Leather Dip BeltALDB $64.00  $62.72 
Leather Head HarnessALHG $64.00  $62.72 
Leg Extension & Curl Attachment Body SolidPLDA11 $148.99 
Lock-Jaw Pro CollarsLJC $49.00  $48.02 
Manta-Ray Squat AttachmentMR136 $79.00  $77.42 
Motion Transfer Cable Attachment 5.0MTCA 5.0 $89.99  $88.19 
Multi-Exercise BarTXB $58.00  $56.84 
Neoprene Dumbbells 1-15lb SetGTD1-15 $309.00 
Neoprene Dumbbells 3,5,8,10,12and 15 Neoprene SetGTD3-15 $239.00 
Neptune Challenge AR RowerNC-AR $999.00 
NEW-Body Solid Leverage GymGLGS100P4-Package $1,150.00 
NuGym Muscle KitNuGym Muscle Kit $964.99 
NuGym Pro 530NuGym Pro 530 $1,064.99 
NuGym Pro 550NuGym Pro 550 $2,789.99 
NuGym Tone KitNuGym Tone Kit $389.99 
Olympic 7' Cambered Chrome Bench Press BarOB-87 $219.99  $215.59 
Olympic Bar 2" Hex CollarWPHEXCOLLAR $50.00  $49.00 
Olympic Plate & Bar RackRK-G19B $119.00 
Olympic Style EZ Curl BarGOZ-47 $79.00  $77.42 
Olympic Style Tricep BarGOT-34 $94.00  $92.12 
Olympic Super Curl BarGSOZ-47 $98.00  $96.04 
Pacific Challenge AR RowerPC-AR $1,199.00 
Pivoting T-Bar Row PlatformTBR20 $85.00  $83.30 
Power Block Elite 5-70lb SetElite-70 $479.00 
Power Block Large Compact Weight StandLarge Compact Stand $79.00 
Power Block Personal Trainer Set (2.5 - 50lb)Personal Trainer Set $358.00 
PowerBlock Compact Weight StandCompact Weight Stand $79.00 
PowerBlock Dip Attachment for Pro BenchPB-dip attachment $75.00 
PowerBlock Elite 5-50lb SetElite 5-50 $349.00 
Powerblock Elite 5-90 SetElite-90 $629.00 
PowerBlock KettleBlock 20KettleBlock 20 $114.00 
PowerBlock KettleBlock 40KettleBlock 40 $209.00 
PowerBlock KettleBlock StandKettleBlock Stand $119.00 
PowerBlock Large Column Stand (Silver)Large Column Stand $149.00 
PowerBlock Poster PackPB100 $25.00 
PowerBlock Small Column Stand (Silver)Small Column Stand $149.00 
PowerBlock Sport Adjustable BenchSport Bench $220.00 
PowerBlock SportBlock 24 (3-24 lbs x 3 lbs)Sport-24 $169.00 
PowerBlock Travel BenchPB070 $149.00 
Powerline by Body Solid 2Tier Dumbbell RacKPDR282W $159.00 
Powerline by Body Solid 45 Degree HyperextensionPHYP200 $269.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Ab BenchPAB21 $199.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Ab BoardPAB139W $189.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Cable Crossover MachinePCCO90 $499.00 
Powerline by Body Solid EZ-Load Olympic TreeOWT24 $129.00 
Powerline by Body solid EZ-Load Standard Weight TreeSWT14 $119.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Lat AttachmentPLA200 $299.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Lat MachinePLM180W $389.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Leg Extension/Leg CurlPLCE165W $329.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Power RackPPR200X $499.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Preacher Curl BenchPPB32W $239.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Roman ChairPCH24W $249.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Seated Calf RaisePSC43W $249.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Smith MachinePSM144W $549.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Squat RackPSS60W $269.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Vertical Knee RaisePVKC83W $329.00 
Powerline by Body Solid Vertical Leg PressPVLP156W $449.00 
Powerline Glute MasterPGM200 $469.00 
Powerline Hardcore Home GymPHG1000W $569.00 
Powerline Multi-BenchPFID125W $259.00 
Powerline New Home GymBSG10X $899.00 
Powerline P2 Home Gym With Leg Press Home GymP2X/PLPX $1,529.00 
Powerline Smith Gym System Combo SetPSM144WS-COMBO $2,199.00 
Powerline Smith Gym System Home GymPSM144WS $1,499.00 
Powertec 190lb Weight StackWS-190 $399.00 
Powertec Accessory Storage RackWB-ASR16 $139.00 
Powertec Basic TrainerP-BT16 $559.00 
Powertec Bench/Rack Combo Set Home GymWB-HR16-WB-LTO16-COMBO $2,439.00 
Powertec Compact Leg SledP-CLS16 $829.00 
Powertec Cross BarsWB-UB16-CN $39.00 
Powertec Dip AccessoryWB-DMA16 $189.00 
Powertec Dual Hyperextension CrunchP-HC16 $429.00 
Powertec Dumbbell RackWB-DR16 $239.00 
Powertec Fitness Leg extension/Curl optionWB-LLA16 $139.00 
Powertec Fitness Leverage Chin/Dip AssistL-CDA+16 $729.00 
Powertec Fitness Olympic Weight RackWB-WR16 $189.00 
Powertec Fitness Power RackWB-PR16 $679.00 
Powertec Fitness Utility BenchWB-UB16 $349.00 
Powertec Fitness Workout Bench Curl AccessoryWB-CMA16 $179.00 
Powertec Fitness Workout Leverage Gym Home GymWB-LS16 $1,170.00 
Powertec Lat MachineP-LM16 $769.00 
Powertec Lat TowerWB-LTO-16 $679.00 
Powertec Lat Tower AccessoryWB-LTA16 $389.00 
Powertec Leg PressP-LP16 $969.00 
Powertec Levergym Squat CalfL-SC16 $669.00 
Powertec Multi-Station Fitness Workbench Home GymWB-MS16 $1,649.00 
Powertec Olympic 255 Grip Plate SetOP-255B $479.00 
Powertec Olympic BenchWB-OB16 $409.00 
Powertec Olympic Grip 300lb Weight SetOS-300-B $539.00 
Powertec Pec Fly AccessoryWB-PFA16 $189.00 
Powertec Power Rack System With Lat TowerWB-PR16-WB-LTO16 $1,259.00 
Powertec Roller Smith MachineWB-RS16 $1,139.00 
Powertec Utility Bench ConnectorWB-UB16-CN $39.00 
Powertec Workbench Fuctional Trainer DulexWB-FTD16 $1,799.00 
Powertec Workbench Half RackWB-HR16 $489.00 
Powertec WorkBench Leg Press AccessoryWB-LPA16 $199.00 
Powertec Workbench Multi PressWB-MP16 $649.00 
Pre Owned Cybex 620A Arc TrainerFS-620A Arc $1,995.00 
Pre Owned Cybex 770AT Arc TrainerFS-770AT $3,100.00 
Pre Owned Full 120-Piece Snap Gym PackageBP-Snap Gym Pack $43,500.00 
Pre Owned KEISER M3 Indoor Cycle (In Great Condition)FS-KEISER-M3 $999.00 
Pre Owned Matrix T7xe TreadmillFS-Matrix T7xe $2,100.00 
Pre Owned Precor AMT with PVSFS-Precor AMT-PV $2,800.00 
Pre Owned Precor EFX 833 Elliptical w/PVSFS-precor EFX 833 w/PVS $3,200.00 
Pre Owned Spinner® NXTFS-NXT $750.00 
Pre Owned Star Trac E-CTi w/pvs Cross TrainerFS-Star Trac E-CTI W/PVS $2,000.00 
Pre Owned Star Trac e-trXi w/Pvs TreadmillFS-Star trac e-trXi-Pvs $2,500.00 
Pre Owned Star Trac E-UBi w/pvs Upright BikeFS-Star trac e-UBi-w-pvs $1,470.00 
Pre Owned-RealRyder Indoor Cycle BikeFS-RealRyder $1,100.00 
Pre Owned-Woodway Desmo-S TreadmillFS-DESMO $6,200.00 
Pre-Owned Cybex 750AT Arc TrainerFS-C750AT $3,500.00 
Pre-Owned Expresso S3U Upright Bike with Linux SoftwareS3U $2,499.00 
Prism Smart Cart Training System325600 $1,850.00 
Pro ClubLine 5-70lb Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell & Rack ComboSDKR1000P1-COMBO $1,929.00 
Pro ClubLine Larg Hex Dumbbell RackSDKR1000P1 $749.00 
Pro ClubLine Vertical Knee RaiseSVKR1000 $1,150.00 
Pro Dual Vertical Press & Lat MachineDPLS-SF $2,735.00 
Pro Elite 4 Stack Functional Trainer516130 $5,899.00 
Pro Elite Dog Sled5BX451 $399.00 
Pro Elite Mobile Bumper Storage Rack5BXMBP-1 $169.00 
Pro Elite Rainier Base Flat Bench with Incline5VA07 $449.00 
Pro Elite Strength Systems Heavy Duty Push / Pull Sled551451 $299.00 
Pro Grip Balanced V-BarMB507RG $59.00 
Pro Grip Lat Bar ProMB438RG $89.00 
Pro Grip Seated Row/Chinning BarMB502RG $59.00 
Pro Grip Triceps Press Down BarMB504RG $59.00 
Pro Multi Grip Olympic BarOB-Multi $139.00 
Pro-Elite Chalk Ball320099 $19.00  $18.62 
Pro-Elite Chalk Bin324010 $169.00 
Pro-Elite Commercial Olympus 4 in 1 Olympic Bench5AB05OV $1,195.00 
Pro-Elite Denali Pro Plus Olympic Bench with Plate Holders5EP01PH $889.00 
Pro-Elite Everest Flat to Incline Bench With Docking System5D107 $605.00 
Pro-Elite Everest HD Double Sided Half Rack5D197D/5D197SW $3,740.00 
Pro-Elite Everest HD Full Cage5D196/5D197SW $2,940.00 
Pro-Elite Everest HD Half Rack5D197A/5D197SW $2,640.00 
Pro-Elite Farmer's Walk5BXFW $339.00 
Pro-Elite Hand Armor Liquid Chalk 32oz388700 $75.00  $73.50 
Pro-Elite Magnesium Gym Chalk320104 $35.00  $34.30 
Pro-Elite Olympic 9 Bar Storage Rack5BX9VBS $199.00 
Pro-Elite Olympic Mega Hex Bar340180 $289.00  $283.22 
Pro-Elite Olympus Multi Use Rack5AB96OV $1,995.00 
Pro-Elite Olympus Olympic Bench5AB01 $875.00 
Pro-Elite Olympus Plate Loaded Seated Calf5AB22OV $799.00 
Pro-Elite Plate Loaded Gripper554452 $199.00  $195.02 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Adjustable Incline Bench09 $530.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Adjustable Incline Bench08 $450.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Angled Squat Rack42A $810.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Assisted Chin Dip117 $2,900.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Bicep / Tricep504 $2,660.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Bicep Curl108 $2,120.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Bumper Plate Weight Tree45 $190.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Cable Crossover102 $2,440.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Chin / Dip / VKR32 $710.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Combo Hip Sled50720 $1,999.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Combo Leg Extension / Curl516114 $2,460.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Double Tricep109 $2,300.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Flat Bench06 $280.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Flat Bench with Incline07 $470.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Functional Trainer102C $3,100.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Glute / Ham Developer30 $820.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Super Cage w/ Plate StorageHD41A $1,900.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems 10 Foot 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack48 $730.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems 10 Foot 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack49 $850.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems 3-in-1 Squat Box554447 $350.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems 4 Stack Functional Trainer516130 $5,899.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems 4-in-1 Bench Press5SP05 $899.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems 45A Hyper Extension31 $480.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems 5 Foot 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack46 $520.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems 5 Foot 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack47 $590.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems 7 Foot Squat Cage40A $1,080.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems 8 Foot Power Rack41A $1,370.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems 8 Foot Power Rack with Platform41B $2,760.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Abdominal Low Back110 $2,230.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Abdominal Low Back505 $2,660.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Adjustable Cable Column102B $1,730.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Adjustable Cable Crossover102A $3,100.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Arm Curl Bench11 $520.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Commercial Gym System Home Gym6SP39B $4,200.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Counter Balanced Smith Machine52A $2,220.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Double Sided Half-Rack with Platforms97B $6,200.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Half-Rack98A $1,270.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Horizontal Bar Rack50 $405.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack61 $320.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Incline Lever Row27 $1,150.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Lat Pull / Vertical Row503 $2,600.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Lat Pull with Low Pulley100-26 $1,900.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Leg Curl113 $2,120.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Leg Extension112 $2,120.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl502 $2,660.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Leg Press111 $3,150.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Leg Press / Calf Raise506 $2,660.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Lifting Chains w/ Collars55467 $299.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Max Bench Press01-13-15 $1,030.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Multi-Angle Bench14 $610.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Multi-Chest Press501 $2,660.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Olympic Decline Bench03 $660.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Olympic Incline Bench02 $590.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Olympic Plate Tree44 $190.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Olympic Shoulder Press04 $620.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Pec Dec / Rear Delt103 $2,330.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plate Loaded 4-Way Neck51023 $540.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plate Loaded Chest Press91 $999.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plate Loaded High Lat Pull94 $1,140.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plate Loaded Incline Chest Press92 $1,070.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plate Loaded Lat Pull with Low Pulley61025/61026 $1,270.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plate Loaded Leg Extension Leg Curl50721 $829.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plate Loaded Pec Dec51024 $1,060.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plate Loaded Seated Calf50722 $540.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plate Loaded Shoulder Press93 $1,070.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plate Loaded Standing Calf115A $1,640.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plyo Bar63 $1,320.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plyo Box Set320261 $699.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Plyo Ramp320270 $570.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Power Press95 $1,440.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Premium Bench Press01A $789.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Premium Series Half-Rack97A $1,950.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Premium Series Lat Pull Down106 $2,120.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Premium Series Multi-Use Rack96 $2,400.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Premium Series Olympic Platform6EL5468-S $1,340.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Reverse Back Extension29 $1,380.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Roller Glute / Ham Developer38 $1,020.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Rubber Olympic Platform6EL5468MB $899.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Seated Bench10 $330.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Seated Row116 $2,250.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Sissy Squat Quad Blaster50759 $549.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Sit Up Bench51312 $440.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Sit Up Board & Ladder34-36 $980.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Squat Press50790 $2,150.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Standard Plate Tree43 $190.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Standing Calf115 $2,570.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Straight V-Dip33 $450.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems T-Bar Row51028 $770.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Total Hip105 $2,330.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Unilateral Power Press95A $1,480.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Vertical Bar Rack51 $240.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Vertical Chest Press101 $2,120.00 
Pro-Elite Strength Systems Vertical Row107 $2,120.00 
Pro-Elite Strength SystemsPremium Series Glute / Ham Developer30A $1,150.00 
Pro-Elite Strength SystemsShoulder Press104 $2,090.00 
ProClub Shoulder Press Olympic BenchSPB368G $729.00 
Proloc Olympic Pro CollarProloc-1 $42.00  $41.16 
Refurbished: Octane Pro 4700 Elliptical w/PVSFS-Octane Pro 4700 $2,800.00 
Regular 110lb. Gray Weight SetRSS-110 $209.00  $204.82 
Regular 14" Solid Threaded Dumbbell HandleGRD-14T $28.00  $27.44 
Regular 160lb. Threaded Gray Weight SetRSS-160T $349.99  $342.99 
Regular Bicep/Tricep Super Curl BarGSRZ-47 $52.00  $50.96 
Regular Dumbbell HandleGRD-14 $25.00 
Regular Solid Curl BarGRZ-47 $48.00  $47.04 
Regular Solid Tricep BarGRT-34 $69.00  $67.62 
Regular Threaded Curl BarGRZ-47T $50.00  $49.00 
Renegade Wide Width BenchGWS-WIDE $399.00 
Revolving Stirrup Handle - SolidTOCH-S $45.00 
Revolving Stirrup Handle with Rubber GripTCCH-R $45.00  $44.10 
Rubber Cable Attachment ComboBS-CablePac $359.00 
Rubber Coated 8-70lb Kettlebell SetCKB-8-70-SET $1,090.00 
Rubber Grip Cable Attachment Pack 1Rubber Grip Att Pack 1 $240.00  $235.20 
Rubber Grip Cable Attachment Pack 2Rubber Grip Att Pack 2 $179.00  $175.42 
Rubber Grip Revolving Tricep Pressdown BarGTVB-SR $65.00  $63.70 
Rubber Grip Single Cable HandleGCCH-R $44.00  $43.12 
Single Cable GripGCCH $37.00  $36.26 
Small Aerobic StepperC-1045 $89.00 
Spirit Fitness CE800 Light Commercial EllipticalCE800 $2,499.99 
Spirit Fitness CR800 Light Commercial Recumbent BikeCR800 $1,799.99 
Spirit Fitness CT800 Commercial TreadmillCT800 $2,999.99 
Spirit Fitness CU800 Commercial Upright BikeCU800 $1,599.99 
Spirit Fitness XBR95 Light Commercial Recumbent BikeXBR95 $1,499.99 
Spirit Fitness XE795 Light Commercial EllipticalXE795 $1,999.99 
Spirit Fitness XT685 Light Commercial TreadmillXT685 $2,199.99 
Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Bike / RowerFG1568 $869.00 
Stamina Precision RowerFG466 $319.00 
Standard Olympic 300lb. Weight SetOSS-300 $399.00  $391.02 
Standard Plate & Bar RackRK-G19A $119.00 
Standard Weight Tree & Bar Rack Body SolidGSWT $149.00 
Star Trac Blade Indoor Cycling Bike9-7190-MINTP0 $1,790.00 
Star Trac Blade IONION $2,420.00 
Star Trac BoxMaster Base OnlyFS-BoxMaster Base $890.00 
Star Trac BoxMaster QuadFS-BoxMaster Quad $11,500.00 
Star Trac BoxMaster Quad With Kick PadsFS-BoxMaster Quad-KPADS $12,700.00 
Star Trac BoxMaster TowerFS-BoxMaster Tower $2,800.00 
Star Trac BoxMaster Tower With Kick PadFS-BoxMaster Tower-KPADS $3,150.00 
Star Trac Cardio Trainer E-CTe9-6080-MUSAP0 $5,790.00 
Star Trac E-CT Total Body Trainer9-6080-MINTP0 $4,190.00 
Star Trac E-CTi Total Body Trainer9-6080-MUSAP2 $4,990.00 
Star Trac E-RB Recumbent Bike9-8110-MINTP0 $3,290.00 
Star Trac E-RBe Recumbent Bike9-8110-MUSAP0 $4,890.00 
Star Trac E-RBi Recumbent Bike9-8110-MUSAP2 $3,990.00 
Star Trac E-SM Stairmill9-5180-MINTPO $5,690.00 
Star Trac E-SMe Stairmill9-5180-MUSAPO $7,290.00 
Star Trac E-SMi Stairmill9-5180-MUSAP2 $6,890.00 
Star Trac E-ST Stepper9-5090-MINTP0 $3,290.00 
Star Trac E-STe Stepper9-5090-MUSAP0 $4,890.00 
Star Trac E-STi Stepper9-5090-MUSAP2 $4,090.00 
Star Trac E-TR TreadmillE-TR $4,490.00 
Star Trac E-UB Upright Bike9-8100-MINTP0 $2,990.00 
Star Trac E-UBe Upright Bike9-8100-MUSAP0 $4,790.00 
Star Trac E-UBi Upright Bike9-8100-MUSAP2 $3,890.00 
Star Trac HumanSport Chest / Shoulder9-HS-M9204-01BTC $3,399.00 
Star Trac Indoor Cycling Bike9-7070-MINTP0 $1,299.00 
Star Trac Inspiration Dual Adjustable Pulley9PR-D9301-13AAS $3,299.00 
Star Trac Instinct 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack9IN-R8001-13AAS $669.00 
Star Trac Instinct Biceps curl / Triceps Extension9IN-D5120-13BSS $2,499.00 
Star Trac Instinct Chest Press9IN-S2100-13BSS $2,499.00 
Star Trac Instinct Dual Adjustable Pulley9IND200213AAS $3,299.00 
Star Trac Instinct Inner / Outer thigh9IN-D1015-13BSS $2,499.00 
Star Trac Instinct Lat Pull down / Vertical row9IN-D3340-13BSS $2,999.00 
Star Trac Instinct Leg Extension / Leg curl9IN-D1014-13BSS $2,499.00 
Star Trac Instinct Leg Press / Calf Raise9IN-D1013-13BSS $2,999.00 
Star Trac Instinct Multi Adjustable Bench9INB750113BSS $699.00 
Star Trac Instinct Multi Press9IN-D2120-13BSS $2,599.00 
Star Trac Instinct Olympic Flat Bench9INB750313BSS $699.00 
Star Trac Instinct Olympic Incline Bench9INB720113BSS $729.00 
Star Trac Instinct Pectoral Fly / Rear deltoid9IN-D2110-13BSS $2,499.00 
Star Trac Instinct Strength Adjustable Abdominal Decline Bench9INB720013BSS $599.00 
Star Trac Max RackMax Rack $3,290.00 
Star Trac New Indoor Cycling Bike9-7200-MUNBP0 $3,990.00 
Star Trac NXT Indoor Cycling Bike9-7170-MINTP0 $1,690.00 
Star Trac S-CTx Total Body Trainer9-4060-MINTP0 $3,590.00 
Star Trac S-RBx Recumbent Bike9-3150-MINTP0 $2,590.00 
Star Trac S-UBx Upright Bike9-3140-MINTP0 $2,390.00 
Star Trac Treadmill E-TRx9-9101-MUSAP0 $5,550.00 
Star Trac Treadmill E-TRxe9-9111-MUSAP0 $7,699.00 
Star Trac Treadmill E-TRxi9-9101-MUSAP2 $6,090.00 
Star Trac Treadmill S-TRc9-3581-MUSAP0 $4,590.00 
Star Trac Treadmill S-TRx9-3573-MUSAP3 $3,998.00 
Star Trac Turbo Trainer BikeFS9-4550 $2,299.00 
Supra Butterfly Tri-BarSBTB-10 $129.00  $126.42 
SupraBar Cable Curl BarSBCB-23 $124.00  $121.52 
T.B.P. Fitness Power Bench 2TFSPB2 $998.00 
TDS 2 tier dumbbell rack w/ saddles1-8153-10 / IM 5575-40 $549.99 
TDS 8" Farmer's Walk With RestC-0410-8SPL $329.95 
TDS 96" Super Dumbbell RackC9149-96" $419.95 
TDS Bio Horizontal Leg Press MachineCL-95890 $1,299.00 
TDS Calf & Squat SystemC-PRO-91305 $599.00 
TDS deluxe floor matIM-0091 $89.99 
TDS Deluxe Pec DeckC-7215-OS-W $349.95 
TDS drag sled w/HarnessC-1150-B/-H $159.99 
TDS extra wide threaded kettle bell handleC-0290 $34.95 
TDS farmers walk w/chrome plated collarsC-0410-5-B $295.95 
TDS flat benchC-PRO 99990 $199.00 
TDS flat incline decline bench w/wheelsC-59502W $319.00 
TDS Flat to Incline BenchC-14075W $199.00 
TDS front loading rack system for Olympic Bumper plates 2 BarC8370 $142.00 
TDS Glute Ham & Hip Extension Machine WITH WIDE PLATEC82626-WP $499.00 
TDS lat row machine w/250 & 400lb stackCPRO-91870W $749.00 
TDS leg curl attachmentC5950B-OS $89.95 
TDS mega plate holderC-1750-O $149.00 
TDS Mega Tricep Curl BarIM-0260-O $229.00 
TDS Mini Leg Press w/ Calf BlockC-3501-W $599.00 
TDS Olympic Bar and Plate RackCH-7110-O $159.00 
TDS Olympic Bar LiftC10802 $179.95 
TDS olympic plate holderC92522B $129.00 
TDS Olympic Ram Horn T-Bar HandleC 1076 - RAM HORN $55.00  $53.90 
TDS Olympic Shrug Bar w/ LegsC-0280 - SHRUG BAR/CAGE C $99.00  $97.02 
TDS olympic vertical bar rackC91555-O-B $109.00 
TDS Padded Lifting StrapsIM 5670 $16.95 
TDS plate loaded super lat row machineC-4650-OS-W $429.00 
TDS Portable Battling Rope Pole StationRP-100 $169.00 
TDS power bench systemC-PRO 91205-OS-W $549.00 
TDS Power Lifting Leather BeltIM-5630 $47.00 
TDS Power RackC92563W $329.99 
TDS Power Squat Station with Dip/Pull Up HandlesH-92550B / C-0145 $291.00 
TDS power wrist rollerC-0140 $39.95  $39.15 
TDS Pro Sissy SquatC-PRO93165-W $199.00 
TDS Push Pull Sled with HarnessC-1175/C-1150-H $219.00 
TDS rack for kettlebellsC-0350-24 $249.95 
TDS Safety Squat BarIM 0210-O $299.00 
TDS Safety StandsC-93015W $129.00 
TDS seated arm curl machineC-9531-W $239.95 
TDS shrug cage w/revolving handlesC-1360-OS-W $189.00 
TDS Squat BoxC-7610-B $129.95 
TDS Standard Mega Plate Holder System1760-S $149.00 
TDS steel platforms1- 9460 $79.95 
TDS super lat row machine w/200lb stackC-4650-SEL-W $729.00 
TDS super stool multi purpose blocksC-8075-B $99.00 
TDS Super Yoke w/ Neck PadU-0455/U-0455PAD $229.00 
TDS titan adj.squat dip rack w/FID benchC-PRO 93140 $699.99 
TDS titan adjustable decline benchCL-96020 $699.00 
TDS titan bend over lat rowCL-96070 $445.00 
TDS titan double rack comboCL-95780 $1,595.00 
TDS titan hand grip machineCL-96210 $159.00 
TDS titan power cageC-PRO92560 $499.00 
TDS titan power rack 84" or 96" tallC-PRO92580 $699.00 
TDS tricep benchC8611W $109.00 
TDS universal bar rackC91555-U $109.00 
TDS universal cross over cable unit 1 to 1 ratioC91400W $999.00 
TDS universal cross over cable unit w/ 2 X 200lb stacksC-91400-SEL $1,399.00 
TDS upper body developerC-95510 $399.00 
TDS vertical olympic 10 bar rackC-91550-OB $129.00 
TDS Wall & Slam Ball SetWB-6-20 $383.70 
TDS Wall Mount Battling Rope StationRP-200 $74.99 
TDS Wall RackC 7130-WALL BAR RACK $45.00 
The Best Fitness Olympic Folding BenchBFOB10 $319.00 
The Jones FreedomThe Jones Freedom $1,499.00 
The Panther Claw SystemTPCS-BP $89.00 
The Resistance Chair exercise system Home GymCFC-100B $299.95 
The Troy Power BarAOB-2000T $419.00 
Titan Bend Over Lat / T Bar RowCL-96071 $529.00 
Titan pus pull sled w/ harnessC1180-C1150H $279.95 
TKO 3' x 6' Home & Gym Folding Exercise Mat513-BK-36 $169.00 
TKO Accessory Rack848ACR $569.00 
TKO Commercial Barbell Rack846BBR $625.00 
TKO commercial dumbbell rack 10 pair, two tier (with saddles)822CDR-SM $619.00 
TKO Commercial Hyper Extension876HP $589.00 
TKO Commercial Medicine Ball Combo Set509RMB-10/849MB $729.00 
TKO commercial multi angle bench874MA $629.00 
TKO Commercial Olympic Weight Plate Tree845CPT-B $449.00 
TKO Flat Exercise Bench860FB $349.00 
TKO Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench824FID $449.00 
TKO Functional Trainer9050 FT $3,790.00 
TKO Horizontal 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack824HDR+3 $599.00 
TKO Olympic 255lb Rubber Tri Grip Plate Set802OR-255 $669.00  $655.62 
TKO Olympic 355lb Rubber Tri Grip Plate Set802OR-355 $819.00  $802.62 
TKO Olympic 455lb Rubber Tri Grip Plate Set802OR-455 $929.00  $910.42 
TKO Olympic 555lb Rubber Tri Grip Plate Set802OR-555 $1,069.00  $1,047.62 
TKO Olympic Weight Plate Tree with Bar Holders843OPT $419.00 
TKO Rubber Encased Straight or Curl Bar 20-110lb Barbell Set806RR $2,399.00 
TKO SDS Rubber encased dumbbell 5-120 Set827RR5-120 $5,999.00 
TKO SDS Rubber encased dumbbell 5-50 Set828RR5-50 $1,699.00 
TKO SDS Rubber encased dumbbell 55-100 Set827RR55-120 $3,299.00 
TKO Smith Machine872-SM $1,750.00 
TKO Urethane Encased Dumbbell 5-120 Set828US5-120 $7,099.00 
TKO Urethane Encased Dumbbell 5-50 Set827U 5-50 $1,899.00 
TKO Urethane Encased Dumbbell 55-100 Set827U 55-100 $3,999.00 
TKO Urethane Encased Straight or Curl Bar 20-110lb Barbell Set806U $2,769.00 
TKO VKR Power Tower870VKR $689.00 
TreadmatRF36T $69.00 
Treadmill MatFG122 $50.00 
Tricep RopeATR-36 $52.00  $50.96 
Triceps Press Down BarGTVB $45.00  $44.10 
Triceps Press Down Bar with SwivelTTVB-S $52.00  $50.96 
Troy 10 Pr. Pro Style Dumbbell RackDR-10 $679.00 
Troy 10lb Solid Rubber Bumper Plate (Pair)BO-SBP-10 $109.00  $106.82 
Troy 12 Sided Rubber Encased 5-100lb Dumbbell Combo SetTSD-R5-100/TDR-3 $4,549.00 
Troy 12 Sided Rubber Encased Dumbbells 3-25lb SetTSD-R3-25 $582.00 
Troy 12 Sided Rubber Encased Dumbbells 5-100lb SetTSD-R 5-100 $5,145.00 
Troy 12 Sided Rubber Encased Dumbbells 5-50lb SetTSD-R 5-50 $1,479.00 
Troy 12 Sided Rubber Encased Dumbbells 55-100lb SetTSD-R 55-100 $3,569.00 
Troy 12-sided urethane Dumbbells 5-100 SetTSD-U-5-100 $6,930.00 
Troy 12-sided urethane Dumbbells 5-125 SetTSD-U-5-125 $9,449.00 
Troy 12-sided urethane Dumbbells 5-50 SetTSD-U-5-50 $2,835.00 
Troy 12-sided urethane Dumbbells 55-100 SetTSD-U-55-100 $4,515.00 
Troy 140KG Competition Bumper Plate SetCO-SBP-140KG-SET $1,150.00  $1,127.00 
Troy 15 Pair Dumbbell RackDR-15 $780.00 
Troy 20-110lb Curl Bar Rubber Hex Barbells Combo SetTZB-R-BB-10 $2,489.00 
Troy 20-110lb Straight Bar Rubber Hex Barbells Combo SetTSB-R-BB-10 $3,489.00 
Troy 25lb Solid Rubber Bumper Plate (Pair)BO-SBP-25 $175.00  $171.50 
Troy 3 Tier Shelf Dumbbell RackGTDR-3 $569.00 
Troy 300lb Interlocking Grip Olympic Weight SetGO-267 $559.00  $547.82 
Troy 300lb Interlocking Urethane Olympic Weight SetGO-U $799.00  $783.02 
Troy 300lb Rubber Encased Grip Olympic Weight SetGO-R $695.00  $681.10 
Troy 35lb Solid Rubber Bumper Plate (Pair)BO-SBP-35 $215.00  $210.70 
Troy 45lb Solid Rubber Bumper Plate (Pair)BO-SBP-45 $249.00  $244.02 
Troy Aerobic Bar Club PackGTBR-PAC $1,169.00  $1,145.62 
Troy Black Barbell Sets W/Black Rubber End CapsPZB $1,639.00 
Troy Black Barbell Sets W/Chrome End CapsPFB $1,639.00 
Troy Black Pro Style Dumbbells 105-120lb Set W/Chrome CapsPFD-C 105-120 $1,395.00 
Troy Black Pro Style Dumbbells 105-150lb Set W/Chrome CapsPFD-C105-150 $3,345.00 
Troy Black Pro Style Dumbbells 5-50lb Set W/Chrome CapsPFD-C5-50 $1,780.00 
Troy Black Pro Style Dumbbells 55-100lb Set W/Chrome CapsPFD-C55-100 $2,495.00 
Troy Cable Attachment Combo SetGTAR-PAC $949.00 
Troy Color Workout Strength Training SetTLW-40GC $205.00  $200.90 
Troy Color Workout SystemTLS-PAC-C $2,499.00 
Troy Commercial Accessory RackGTAR $429.00 
Troy Commercial Olympic Curl BarTOZ-47B $138.00  $135.24 
Troy Competition 140KG Bumper Crossfit PackageCROSSFIT-KG-PACK-1 $1,489.00  $1,459.22 
Troy Competition 320lb Bumper Plate Set W/ RackBCO-SBP-320-GHBPR-1 $1,299.00  $1,273.02 
Troy Competition 640lb Bumper Plate Set W/ RacksBCO-SBP-640-GHBPR-2 $2,370.00  $2,322.60 
Troy Competition 960lb Bumper Plate Set W/ RacksBCO-SBP-960-GHBPR-3 $3,360.00  $3,292.80 
Troy Crossfit PackageCrossfit Package-1 $689.00 
Troy Deluxe 5 Ft. Olympic Curl BarTOZ-60B $163.00  $159.74 
Troy Gray Barbell Sets W/Black Rubber End CapsHZB $1,689.00 
Troy Gray Barbell Sets W/Chrome EndcapsHFB $1,689.00 
Troy Gray Pro Style Dumbbells 105-120lb Set W/ Black capsHFDC-R105-120lb $1,595.00 
Troy Gray Pro Style Dumbbells 105-150lb Set W/ Black capsHFDC-R105-150 $3,595.00 
Troy Gray Pro Style Dumbbells 5-50lb Set W/ Black capsHFDC-R5-50 $1,880.00 
Troy Gray Pro Style Dumbbells 55-100lb Set W/ Black capsHFDC-R55-100 $2,595.00 
Troy Gray Pro Style Dumbbells W/ Chrome Caps 105-120lb SetHFDR-C105-120 $1,595.00 
Troy Gray Pro Style Dumbbells W/Chrome Caps 105-150lb SetHFDR-C105-150 $3,595.00 
Troy Gray Pro Style Dumbbells W/Chrome Caps 5-50lb SetHFDR-C 5-50 $1,880.00 
Troy Gray Pro Style Dumbbells W/Chrome Caps 55-100lb SetHFDR-C55-100 $2,695.00 
Troy Horizontal Barbell RackBB-10 $619.00 
Troy Leather Dip Belt AccessoryADBA $49.00 
Troy Light Workout SystemTLS-PAC $2,599.00 
Troy Lightweight Barbell Storage RackTLS-20 $639.00 
Troy Lite Workout Strength Training SetTLW-40G $279.00  $273.42 
Troy Premium Wide Flanged Olympic Weight SetPO-300 $499.00  $489.02 
Troy Pro Style 5-150 Dumbbell Set W/ RacksPFD-005-150R-DR-10-3 $7,999.00 
Troy Pro Style Black Dumbbells 5-100 SetPFD-R5-100 $4,100.00 
Troy Pro Style Black Dumbbells 5-150 SetPFD-R5-150 $6,899.00 
Troy Pro Style Black Dumbbells 5-50 SetPFD-005-050R $1,989.00 
Troy Pro Style Black Dumbbells 5-80 SetPFD-05-80R $3,159.00 
TROY Pro Style Rubber 5-50lb Dumbbell Combo SetRUFD-R5-50/DR-10 $2,599.00 
TROY Pro Style Rubber Curl Barbell 20-115lb Combo SetRUFC-R-BB-10 $2,580.00 
TROY Pro Style Rubber Straight Barbell 20-115lb Combo SetRUFB-R-BB-10 $2,580.00 
TROY Quiet Iron pro style rubber encased barbellsRUF-R $2,049.00 
Troy Rubber Encased Pro Style Dumbbells 105-120lb SetRUFD-R105-120 $1,670.00 
Troy Rubber Encased Pro Style Dumbbells 5-100lb SetRUFD-R5-100 $4,925.00 
Troy Rubber Encased Pro Style Dumbbells 5-50RUFD-R 5-50 $1,998.00 
Troy Rubber Encased Pro Style Dumbbells 5-75lb SetRUFD-R5-75 $3,405.00 
Troy Rubber Encased Pro Style Dumbbells 55-100lb SetRUFD-R 55-100 $3,480.00 
Troy Soft Foam Plyo Box 4 SetT-PLYO-PAC $1,050.00 
Troy Wide Flanged 300lb Olympic Weight SetHO-SET $539.00  $528.22 
Undulation Training RopeUL-100-NUR $209.00 
Unified 100 lbs Fight Monkey Commercial Heavy BagFM-602LMT-100 $159.00 
Unified 12oz Training GlovesFM-601-GLOV12 $49.00 
Unified 14oz Training GlovesFM-601-GLOV14 $52.00 
Unified 16oz Leather Training GlovesFM-601-LEA-GLOV16 $75.00 
Unified 16oz Training GlovesFM-601-GLOV16 $53.00 
Unified 55lbs to 100lbs Rubber Hex Dumbbell SetE-200-VR-HEX-S2 $1,955.00 
Unified 5lbs to 100lbs Rubber Hex Dumbbell SetE-200-VR-HEX-S2/S3/S4 $2,799.00 
Unified 5lbs to 50lbs Rubber Hex Dumbbell SetE-200-VR-HEX-S1 $899.00 
Unified 75 lbs - Fight Monkey Commercial Heavy BagFM-602LMT-75 $135.00 
Unified Colored Aerobic Hex Dumbbell Set 2lbs -12 lbsE-200-AHEX-SET $429.00 
Unified Commercial Rubber Curl Barbell 20lbs-110lbs SetE-200-VRCB-SET $1,945.00 
Unified Element 5-55lb Adjustable Dumbbell SET with StandADJ-Bells-SET-stand $630.00 
Unified Element 5-55lb Adjustable DumbbellsE-22-ADJ-DBells $429.00 
Unified Element 8 pair Vertical Dumbbell RackE-500-826VDR $340.00 
Unified Element Commercial Dumbbell RackE-500-RDRACK $789.00 
Unified Element FID BenchE-500-824FID $475.00 
Unified Element Flat BenchE-500-860FB $299.00 
Unified Element Multi Adjustable BenchE-500-MAB $639.00 
Unified Element Olympic Plate TreeE-500-843OPT $299.00 
Unified Fight Monkey 100lbs Commercial Vinyl Heavy BagFM-502VN-100IL $169.00 
Unified Fight Monkey Ceiling Floor AttachmentFM-502FCA $29.00 
Unified Fight Monkey Commercial Vinyl Heavy Bag 75 lbsFM-502VN-75IL $120.00 
Unified Fight Monkey Commercial Vinyl Muay Thai Bag 125 lbsFM-502VMT-125IL $269.00 
Unified Fight Monkey Free Standing Heavy BagFM-602-SABS $469.00 
Unified Fight Monkey Kick ShieldFM-601-KICKS $124.00 
Unified Fight Monkey Leather MMA/Bag GlovesFM-602PRO-MMA $69.00 
Unified Fight Monkey Mexican Hand Wraps-pair BlackTKO-506MHW $16.00 
Unified Fight Monkey Muay Thai MMA HeavyFM-602LMT-125 $349.00 
Unified Fight Monkey Speed bag Platform residentialFM-503-SBP $98.00 
Unified Leather Focus Mitt PairFM-601LEA-MITT $78.00 
Unified Leather Muay Thai Pads PairFM-601LMT-PAD $145.00 
Unified New 22 oz. PVC coated 100lb Vinyl Heavy BagFM-502VN-100IL $142.00 
Unified Professional Driving Power Sled RedXM-100-DSLED $389.00 
Unified Slam Ball 7 SetE-100-SB10-SB50-SET $459.00 
Unified TKO Bag Chain AssemblyTKO-502BCA-BK $49.00 
Unified TKO Commercial Heavy Bag Stand522CHBS $789.00 
Unified TKO Commercial Heavy Bag Stand with Speed Bag Platform522CBS $1,100.00 
Unified TKO Commercial Heavy Bag Wall Mount522CWM $259.00 
Unified TKO Commercial Speed Bag Platform523CPL $489.00 
Unified TKO Deluxe Heavy Bag Stand with PlatformTKO-522DBS $309.00 
Unified TKO Leather Focus PadsTKO-501FPL $85.00 
Unified TKO Leather MMA Training Glove (Large/XLarg)TKO-541LTG-L/XL $62.00 
Unified TKO Leather MMA Training Glove (Small)TKO-541LTG-SMALL $62.00 
Unified TKO Leather Training Glove-16ozTKO-501LTG-16 $62.00 
Unified TKO Muay Thai 125 lbs Heavy Bag-Bag Chain IncludedTKO-502VMT-125IL $269.00 
Unified TKO OFF the Chain Workout 50 lbs Double Shell Heavy BagTKO-502CD-BK-50 $119.00 
Unified TKO Pro Wrap Gloves-LargeTKO-501LWB-LX $46.00 
Unified TKO Pro Wrap Gloves-SmallTKO-501LWB-SM $46.00 
Unified Virgin Rubber Dumbbells 5-100 SetE-200-VR-CRD-S5 $4,499.00 
Unified Virgin Rubber Dumbbells 5-25lb SetE-200-VR-CRD-S1 $329.00 
Unified Virgin Rubber Dumbbells 5-50 SetE-200-VR-CRD-S2 $1,429.00 
Unified Virgin Rubber Dumbbells 55-75 SetE-200-VR-CRD-S3 $1,690.00 
Unified Virgin Rubber Dumbbells 80-100 SetE-200-VR-CRD-S4 $2,340.00 
Unified Xtreme Monkey 320lbs Competition Bumper Plate SetXM-200-CBP320 $1,260.00  $1,234.80 
Unified Xtreme Monkey Commercial Half RackXM-400-PRACK-H $1,800.00 
Unified Xtreme Monkey Commercial Power RackXM-400-PRACK-F $2,250.00 
Unified Xtreme Monkey Commercial Sandbag 50lbs (20lb and 30lb inXM-100-CSB50 $85.00 
Unified Xtreme Monkey Cross Fit Functional Storage RackXM-500-FTRACK $329.00 
USA Olympic Bar SetEOBS-4720 $94.00  $92.12 
USA Sports 72" Tri-Fold MatE-MAT $89.00 
USA Sports Black Olympic 255lb Plate SetBO-255 $484.00  $474.32 
USA Sports Black Olympic 355lb Plate SetBO-355 $659.00  $645.82 
USA Sports Black Olympic 455lb Plate SetBO-455 $787.00  $771.26 
USA Sports Olympic Dumbbell HandleGOD-20 $69.00  $67.62 
USA Sports X-Band SetX-BAND $95.00 
Valeo Ab StrapsFG334 $66.99  $65.65 
Valor 44lb Lifting ChainsLC-44 $149.00  $146.02 
Valor 53lb Lifting ChainsLC-53 $189.00  $185.22 
Valor Chin / Pull Up BarChin-Up Bar $149.99 
Valor Combo Squat/Bench RackBD-17 $199.00 
Valor Curl Station Stand w/ Plate & Bar StorageCB-7 $149.99  $146.99 
Valor Deluxe Squat StandsBD-8 $189.00 
Valor FID Adjustable Utility BenchDD-4 $249.00 
Valor Fitness BD-3 Squat StandsBD-3 $189.00 
Valor Fitness Decline/Flat BenchDF-2 $249.00 
Valor Fitness Flat BenchDA-6 $224.00 
Valor Fitness Flat BenchDA-3 $179.00 
Valor Fitness Hi Tech BenchDD-11 $299.99 
Valor Fitness Incline/Flat Utility BenchDD-3 $259.00 
Valor Fitness Independent Bench PressBF-47 $289.99 
Valor Fitness Olympic Bench with SpotterBF-7 $324.00 
Valor Fitness Olympic Plate and Bar RackBH-7 $199.00 
Valor Fitness Plyo Jump Box 20", 24" and 30"PBX-A $149.99 
Valor Fitness Safety Squat/Bench Combo RackBD-6 $399.00 
Valor Fitness Seated Row / Chest PullCB-14 $324.99 
Valor Fitness Squat Stand TowersBD-18 $324.99 
Valor Fitness Stationary BenchDG-1 $179.00 
Valor Fitness VFX Training StrapsED-17 $79.99 
Valor Flat / Decline Utility BenchDF-1 $349.99 
Valor Leg Lift AccessoryEX-1 $79.00 
Valor Medicine Ball Rebound TrampolineRX-RT $269.99 
Valor OB-HEX Super Hex Trap BarOB-HEX $269.00  $263.62 
Valor Olympic Bench MaxBF-48 $429.99 
Valor Olympic Bench w/ Dual PositionsBF-52 $499.00 
Valor Olympic Weight Bench with Spotter StandsBF-49 $569.99 
Valor Plate Loading Lat PullCB-12 $299.99 
Valor Power Rack with Lat PullBD-7 $524.00 
Valor Power Squat StandsBD-9 $219.99 
Valor Preacher Curl AccessoryEX-2 $69.00 
Valor Pro Series 12" Speed BagCA-12 $49.00 
Valor Sawtooth Squat Bench ComboBD-19 $378.00 
Valor Smith MachineBE-11 $999.99 
Valor Squat Combo RackBD-4 $324.00 
Vertical Dumbbell Rack W/ 3lb - 50lb DumbbellsGVDR13/SDV3-50 $1,015.00 
Vertical Vibe Pro 2000VF86201 $8,999.00 
VFX Suspension StationV-VFX $1,569.00 
VTX 13 Pair Vertical Dumbbell RackGVDR-13 $289.00 
VTX 230lb Bumper Crossfit PackageCROSSFIT PACK-1 $879.00  $861.42 
VTX 230lb Bumper Plate Combo SetO-230SBP/GHBPR $739.00  $724.22 
VTX 255lb Steel Grip Olympic Plate SetGO-V255 $399.00  $391.02 
VTX 275 lb Colored Bumper Plate Weight SetOSS-275SBP $669.00  $655.62 
VTX 3-25lb Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell Set W/RackSDV3-25-GVDR-8 $529.00 
VTX 3-25lb Rubber Dumbbell Set W/RackSDR3-25/GVDR-8 $599.00 
VTX 355lb Steel Grip Olympic Plate SetGO-V355 $505.00  $494.90 
VTX 4-50 Wall Ball SetPWB-004-050 $1,045.00 
VTX 455lb Steel Grip Olympic Plate SetGO-V455 $617.00  $604.66 
VTX 460lb Black Bumper Crossfit PackageCROSSFIT BLK PACK-1 $1,160.00  $1,136.80 
VTX 5-100lb Rubber Encased Dumbbells Combo SetSDR5-100/TDR-3 $3,420.00 
VTX 5-100lb Urethane Dumbbell SetXD-U5-100 $4,069.00 
VTX 5-125lb Urethane Dumbbell SetXD-U5-125 $5,985.00 
VTX 5-50lb Round Urethane Dumbbell Combo SetBD-U5-50-DR-10 $2,420.00 
VTX 5-50lb Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell & Rack ComboVTX-SDR5-50/T-DR $1,199.00 
VTX 5-50lb Urethane Dumbbell SetXD-U5-50 $1,435.00 
VTX 5-60lb Cast Iron Kettle Bells Combo SetKB5-60/KBR-14 $929.00 
VTX 5-75lb Urethane Dumbbell SetXD-U5-75 $2,599.00 
VTX 55-100lb Urethane Dumbbell SetXD-U55-100 $2,882.00 
VTX 555lb Steel Grip Olympic Plate SetGO-V555 $789.00  $773.22 
VTX 6’ Lightweight Olympic BarGOB-300LZ $224.00  $219.52 
VTX 8 Pair Vertical Dumbbell RackGVDR-8 $189.00 
VTX 8-50lb Club Kettlebell SetCKB8-50 $630.00 
VTX 8-50lb Wall Ball Combo SetPWB8-50/GWBR $1,260.00 
VTX Aerobic Pac - NeopreneMDR-NPAC $865.00 
VTX Aerobic Pac - VinylMDR-VPAC $865.00 
VTX Black Cast Iron Kettlebell 5lb to 100lb SetKB-5-100 Se $1,157.00 
VTX Black Cast Iron Kettlebell 5lb to 25lb SetKB-5-25 Set $219.00 
VTX Black Cast Iron Kettlebell 5lb to 70lb SetKB-5-70 Set $749.00 
VTX Bumper Plate RackGHBPR $279.00 
VTX deluxe 2 tier horizontal dumbbell rackT-DR $299.00 
VTX Deluxe 3-Tier Horizontal Dumbbell RackTDR-3 $499.00 
VTX Fitness Ball RackGWBR $369.00 
VTX Flat/Incline/Decline BenchGVBH-FID $439.00 
VTX Medicine Ball Set With RackGMB/SET/RACK $389.00 
VTX Men's Training BarGOB-1800 $299.00  $293.02 
VTX Olympic 2" Plate TreeT-OPT $139.00 
VTX Olympic 300lb Grip Weight SetGOSS-300V $429.00  $420.42 
VTX Olympic Style HEX BarAOT-56 $289.00  $283.22 
VTX Olympic Women’s Power BarGOB-800 $260.00  $254.80 
VTX Pro 5-50lb 12 Sided Dumbbells W/ Deluxe Dumbbell RackSD-V5-50/T-DR $939.00 
VTX Pro Dumbbell Series 3-25lb. SetSD-V3-25 $345.00 
VTX Pro Dumbbell Series 5-100lb. SetSD-V5-100 $2,795.00 
VTX Pro Dumbbell Series 5-50lb. SetSD-V5-50 $765.00 
VTX Pro Dumbbell Series 55-100lb SetSD-V55-100 $2,095.00 
VTX Pro Stile Urethane Dumbbells 5-100lb SetBD-U5-100 $5,249.00 
VTX Pro Stile Urethane Dumbbells 5-125lb SetBD-U5-125 $7,659.00 
VTX Pro Stile Urethane Dumbbells 5-25lb SetBD-U5-25 $729.00 
VTX Pro Stile Urethane Dumbbells 5-50lb SetBD-U5-50 $1,759.00 
VTX Revolutionary Wall BallsPWB-SET9 $599.00 
VTX Rubber Encased Dumbbells 3-25lb. SetSD-R 3-25 $395.00 
VTX Rubber Encased Dumbbells 5-100lb SetSD-R5-100 $3,395.00 
VTX Rubber Encased Dumbbells 5-50lb. SetSD-R 5-50 $945.00 
VTX Rubber Encased Dumbbells 55-100lb SetSD-R 55-100 $2,695.00 
VTX Rubber Encased Olympic 300lb Grip Weight SetGOSS-300VR $629.00  $616.42 
VTX Rubber Grip Olympic 300 lb. Weight SetGOSS-300VR $629.00  $616.42 
VTX Rubber Hex Dumbbells 3-100lb Set With RackSDR3-100-TDR-3 $3,479.00 
VTX Rubber Hex Dumbbells 5-100lb Set With RackSDR5-100-TDR-3 $3,420.00 
VTX Slam Ball 8 SetGSMB-8 Set $599.00 
VTX Super 74” XL Olympic Black 6’ EZ Curl BarGOZ-74B $189.00  $185.22 
VTX SupraBar Spreader BarSPR-22 $89.00  $87.22 
VTX Vertical Olympic Plate and Bar RackGOPT $155.00 
VTX Vinyl Dumbbell Combo SetVD-T-HDR Set $459.00 
Weight Set ComboWeight Set Combo $545.00 
Weight Stack Upgrade 50lb.SP50 $139.00 
Wrist WrapHHSA-CB010 $35.99 
Wrists & Forearm ExerciserMATB-CB409 $49.00  $48.02 
X Mark Olympic Weight Bench ComboXM-4424 $465.00 
XMark Functional TrainerXM-7626 $2,400.00 
XMark Commercial Rated FID and Ab Combo Weight BenchXM-7628 $419.00 
XMark Commercial Rated FID Weight BenchXM-7604 $376.00 
XMark FID Weight Bench with Leg Curl and Preacher CurlXM-4419 $319.00 
XMark Flat Weight Bench with Dumbbell RackXM-4414 $199.00 
XMark Half RackXM-9014 $1,480.00 
XMark Power RackXM-9015 $1,860.00 
XMark Power Series Full Commercial Adjustable FID Utility BenchXM-9010 $349.00 
XMark Power Series Full Commercial FID BenchXM-9011 $513.00 
XMark Vertical Knee Raise Power Tower PowerbaseXM-7632-34 $859.00 
Xtreme Monkey 365 Power RackXM-365 POWER-RACK $999.00 
Xtreme Monkey Soft Plyo box Set-6-12-18XM-100-SOFPLY $729.00 
YORK 105-125lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set34092 $1,210.00 
York 2 Tier Saddle Rack69130 $549.00 
York 255lb Steel Iso-Olympic Grip Set290-255-S-SET $329.00  $322.42 
York 255lb. Rubber Iso-Olympic Grip Set290-255-R-SET $359.00  $351.82 
York 300 LB G2 Rubber Olympic Set29084 $549.00  $538.02 
York 35 Degree Leg Press54035 $2,229.00 
York 355lb Steel Iso-Olympic Grip Set290-355-S-SET $445.00  $436.10 
York 355lb. Rubber Iso-Olympic Grip Set290-355-R-SET $485.00  $475.30 
York 455lb Steel Iso-Olympic Grip Set290-455-S-SET $538.00  $527.24 
York 455lb. Rubber Iso-Olympic Grip Set290-455-R-SET $589.00  $577.22 
York 5-100lb Legacy Solid Round Pro Dumbbell Set16039-40 $2,360.00 
York 5-150lb Legacy Solid Round Pro Dumbbell Set16039-40-41-42 $4,820.00 
York 5-50lb Legacy Solid Round Pro Dumbbell Set16039 $749.00 
YORK 5-50lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set34090 $640.00 
York 55-100lb Legacy Solid Round Pro Dumbbell Set16040 $1,629.00 
YORK 55-100lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set34091 $1,580.00 
York 555lb Steel Iso-Olympic Grip Set290-555-S-SET $645.00  $632.10 
York 555lb. Rubber Iso-Olympic Grip Set290-555-R-SET $705.00  $690.90 
York Aerobic Weight Set Club Pack10170 $1,439.00  $1,410.22 
York Chrome Dumbbell Club Pack33062 $660.00 
York Counter Balanced Smith Machine54033 $2,800.00 
York ETS Dumbbell Saddle Rack (2 Tier, For Pro Style Dumbbells)69046 $529.00 
York ETS Dumbbell Saddle Rack (3 Tier, For Pro Style Dumbbells)69047 $639.00 
York ETS Fixed Straight And Curl Barbell Rack69051 $399.00 
York Flat Bench54026 $180.00 
York Flat To Incline Bench54027 $399.00 
York Free Standing Selectorized Cable Crossover54016 $2,370.00 
York FTS Olympic Combo Bench With Leg Developer48005 $419.00 
York FTS Power Cage w/ Hi-low Pulley 200lbs Weight Stack48053/48054/48056 $1,299.00 
York FTS Press Squat Stands48057 $349.00 
York Glute Ham Bench54053 $679.00 
York Half Rack54009 $1,390.00 
York ISO Rubber Grip Olympic 300lbs Weight Set29026 $549.00  $538.02 
York Lat Pulldown 250LB stack54020 $1,369.00 
York Machine Bar Club Pack-15 piece set36170 $659.00 
York Multi Function Bench54004 $499.00 
York Multi Purpose Bench54037 $399.00 
York Olympic Decline Bench With Gun Racks54039 $699.00 
York Olympic Flat Bench With Gun Racks54041 $699.00 
York Olympic Incline Bench With Gun Racks54038 $729.00 
York Power Front Squat54036 $1,629.00 
York Power Rack54006 $1,750.00 
York Rubber Coated Pro Style Dumbbell Sets (105LB To 125LB)26132 $2,110.00 
York Rubber Coated Pro Style Dumbbell Sets (130LB To 150LB)26133 $2,360.00 
York Rubber Coated Pro Style Dumbbell Sets (55LB To 100LB)26131 $3,020.00 
York Rubber Coated Pro Style Dumbbell Sets (5LB To 50LB)26130 $1,275.00 
York Rubber Coated Pro Style Fixed Curl Barbell Sets (20-110LB)26184 $1,580.00 
York Rubber Coated Pro Style Fixed Straight Barbell Sets (20-11026138 $1,580.00 
York Safety Stands for the York Half Rack54011 $309.99 
York Solid Rubber Adjustable Training Set-325LB29048 $879.00  $861.42 
York Spider Rack Rotational Olympic Plate Rack69043 $390.00 
York Tray Dumbbell Racks (3 Tier Tray, Holds 15 Pairs)69129 $789.00 
York VKR With Dip54032 $639.00 
Yukon 3 Tier Dumbbell RackDBR-151 $289.99 
Yukon 45 Degree Hyper45-HYP $259.99 
Yukon AB Crunch MachineACM-190 $345.00 
Yukon Angled Back MachineABM-157 $329.99 
Yukon Angled Leg PressALP-150 $749.99 
Yukon Cable CrossoverCOM-300 $1,199.99 
Yukon Caribou III Package(w/cable crossover attachment) Home GymCPKG-CCO $1,599.99 
Yukon Caribou III Smith machineCPR-143 $724.99 
Yukon Caribou III SystemCII-140 $1,199.99 
Yukon Chin-Dip-Leg RaiseCDL-153 $399.99 
Yukon Commercial 0-90 Degree BenchCOM-090 $419.99 
Yukon Commercial Decline Olympic Bench w/spotter standCOM-CDB-CSS $669.99 
Yukon Commercial Flat Olympic Bench w/spotter standCOM-CFB-CSS $669.99 
Yukon Commercial Hyper Extension / Glute HamCOM-HYP $499.99 
Yukon Commercial Incline Olympic Bench w/spotter standCOM-CIP-CSS $669.99 
Yukon Commercial Olympic Shoulder Press BenchCOM-MIL $499.99 
Yukon Commercial Power RackCOM-CPR $749.99 
Yukon Commercial Seated Calf MachineSCM-300 $349.99 
Yukon Commercial Utility BenchCOM-CUB $329.99 
Yukon Competitor Delt MachineCDM-197/OLY-169 $459.00 
Yukon Competitor Lat Machine w/ 150lb StackCLM-150 $729.99 
Yukon Condor 2 Plate Loaded Gym System Home GymCGS-300 $899.99 
Yukon Counter Balanced Smith MachineCBS-150 $1,499.99 
Yukon Easy CycleEZC-5 $119.99 
Yukon Higol Pro Indoor CycleHGL-PRO68 $799.99 
Yukon Hip & Leg Sled 2000HLS-2000 $1,549.99 
Yukon Husky Hip & Leg SledHLS-160 $1,349.99 
Yukon Hyper Extension MachineHYP-156 $279.99 
Yukon Inversion-Gravity Table by MotionGT-MO $299.99 
Yukon Olympic Plate TreeOPT-184 $129.99 
Yukon Pec / Rear Delt ComboPRD-300 $749.99 
Yukon Seated Leg Press AttachmentSLP-154 $339.99 
Yukon Squat RackSQR-400 $499.99 
Yukon Vertical Knee RaiseCOM-VKR $499.99 
Yukon Vertical Leg PressVLP-154 $399.99 
Yukon Wolverine 3 Station Gym Home GymWMS-200 $1,499.99 
Yukon Wolverine Multi 4 Station Gym w/Leg Press Home GymWMS-SLP $1,699.99 
Zoom Active Sanitizing Wipes 1500 Ct.183247 $125.00 
Zoom Evolution Wipes 800 Ct.183264 $105.00 
Zoom Standing Stainless Steel Dispenser183266 $287.95 
Zoom Wall Mounted Dispenser183288 $54.95 
Zoom Wipes Refill Pail183299 $21.00  $20.58 


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