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7 ft. Olympic Power Bar (bronze)

Model:  OB86PB

7 ft. Olympic Power Bar (bronze)


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(FREE SHIPPING)-7 ft. Olympic Power Bar (bronze)

The most essential piece of equipment for every gym or club with design integrity that has been devoted entirely to super strength and superior performance. Precision engineered from special high strength, stress-proof alloy steel with rolled-in knurling to avoid adding stress points. allows 1200 lbs. capacity. Made in the U.S.A. Lifetime warranty.
20kg Bar
2.2 Meter overall length
28.5 MM diameter bar
50 MM diameter bushing sleeve
17.5 inch Sleeve length
Crafted from 120,000 lb. Tensile Strength Steel
Deep Diamond Knurling
1200lb. Static Load Capacity
Made in the USA
44 Lbs.